Room for ducks

Room for ducks

A duck is a small or medium sized bird. The neck of the duck is relatively short. Plumage is colored in different colors, depending on the breed.

Room for ducks

Taking care of the breeding of ducks, it should be remembered that their health, and most importantly the productivity directly depends on the right conditions for their maintenance. Namely, from the room where they are kept. For proper maintenance for ducks, a room is needed to protect them from external negative factors such as dampness, drafts and sudden temperature changes.

The room for the maintenance of ducks is called a chicken. If your farm has a small number of ducks (10-15pcs), in this case they can be placed together by other birds. However, in this case it is necessary to block the ducks with the ducks.

Before you can equip a chicken, you need to answer a couple of questions: – How many ducks do you plan to get into the chicken? – get acquainted with the rules of feeding and drinking ducks.

The main task of the chimp is to protect against external factors: high humidity, temperature changes. Because these factors are the main factors in the appearance of health problems or with a decrease in productivity. Most often in farms ducks are kept in a floor way.

In such cases, you should remember about the warm bedding. Placement of ducks in the chicken should be calculated in proportion of 2-3 pieces per 1 sq. m. It is necessary to constantly observe that the room was dry. In such well-groomed ducklings, the duck will be very comfortable.

The mattress can be made of the following materials: bricks, logs, blocks, boards and others. Ducks are not as heat-loving as, for example, chickens. But in winter it is desirable that in the chicken, the air temperature is below 5 degrees Celsius.

There are a number of differences between the chicken coop and the hen house: 1) The internal arrangement of the room. 2) Equipment.

Let’s consider the differences in more detail. If it’s cold in the street, the chimp is obliged to keep the heat in the room. If the weather is hot on the street, the chicken should be kept cool. The floor in the mantle where the ducks contain must be very sturdy, and not be less than 25 cm from the ground. And, the main thing is to protect the chicken from the penetration of rodents. It is advisable to arrange the luza in the tailor from the south. Often, lasers are made with such dimensions: with a width of 30-40 cm, and a height of 40 cm. The height from the floor is usually made at least 5-8 cm.


So that the ducks had high productivity at any time, you need to make lighting in the chicken. Ducks, living in a mattress with correctly designed lighting, have increased productivity. Because the light improves the internal organs of the ducks, especially the ovaries. It is because of this that the egg production increases greatly. Lamps are usually placed on the ceiling.

Duck drinkers and feeders

Important in the arrangement of the premises are the right choice of drinkers and feeders. Before choosing or making your own drinking bowl or feeder you need to choose a design. It is important to take into account that ducks can not pour water from the drinker, and throw food out of the trough.

Usually duck feeders are made of wood. That birds could only beak to get food from the top of the trough is installed a special wooden board. The feeder option in the figure.

Room for ducks

Fig.1 Feeders

In the role of drinking water can perfectly fit an ordinary basin.

Duck nests

For maintenance and breeding of ducks they need nests. They are made of wooden boards. Usually nests are made with the sizes: 40x50x20. At the entrance in front of the socket it is necessary to make a small threshold. Duck nests should not be placed at a height. The best option – the nest, lying on the floor. However, do not forget to put more litter under the nest. Usually a 1-nest for 5 ducks is placed in the mattress. Sockets are not placed alone, but in whole rows as can be seen in the figure.

Room for ducks

Fig.2. Duck’s nests

Observing these simple rules and conditions, ducks will be comfortable, and their productivity will grow.

Room for ducks