Romanovskaya sheep breed

Romanovskaya sheep breed

Romanovskaya sheep breed

There are many different types of sheep today. But there is one of this large number that stands out among all the others. It’s about Romanov’s sheep. This breed is one of the most famous

Features of Romanov breed

Romanovskaya sheep breed

Animals are considered meat and wool. This means that their breeding is very beneficial. The breed is considered universal. After all, if you want to sell meat, it will be a very profitable business, but also you will not be at a loss if you are engaged in the sale of wool

The breed perfectly tolerates all the weather adversity. Therefore, it is grown throughout the territory of our large country. However, it does not require special conditions of detention. But even with minimal investment, the quality of the wool will be excellent. Romanovskaya sheep is considered an ideal animal for breeding on an industrial scale and for a home farmstead

The sheep of this breed to the semi-annual return is gaining weight up to 40 kg. At the same meat is valued for its high taste and aroma. In the same weight the animal leads to slaughter. Meat in its pure form among forty kilograms will be about 20 kg, more than 10 kg – it’s bone plus meat, the remaining weight – bones

Sheep of Romanov breed have an unusual smoky color, which is divided, in turn, into a darker shade in the area of the head and legs, and on a lighter throughout the body

The weight of the adult, the formed individual, can reach more than 75 kg. This is about the sheep. If we talk about uterus, they weigh about 55 kg. Lambs about 2.5 kg

Species of individuals

Romanovskaya sheep breed

The sheep of the Romanov breed within its species are divided into three categories: With a strong physique. Sheep of this subspecies are characterized by a very strong body, which is covered with thick, dense and warm wool. They are considered to be the hardy and long-lived sheep of the Romanov breed. The breast of this subspecies is broad, the skin is soft, the sheepskin is of great value

With a gentle physique. Sheepskin sheep has no value, so it is not quality. Physically, a subspecies is poorly developed

With a rough build. They have a heavy body, thick and tough hair. Also the subspecies differs in that it has a thick and elastic skin. Sheep with a rough build have a good price

Contents and Feeding The sheep of the Romanov breed do not require the expenditure of effort, time and money to build a special kind of stall. All you need is plenty of food, drink, and straw on the floor. They calmly feel absolutely everywhere

At the same time the breed is very mobile and prolific even in the winter season. Pregnancy in sheep takes 145 days. For two years one sheep is capable of bringing offspring 3 times. This is very beneficial for industrial breeding

The young sheep already four months after she was born, fully formed. But at such an early age it is not necessary to admit a ram to her. The first mating should be done when the female is 35 kg

To prepare a fertilized uterus for childbirth, only one is required from the farmer. For 1-3 days before lambing, the area around the hind legs should be shaved

Feeding in the cold season, when animals are in the stall, is carried out with the help of juicy feed. Various concentrates and additives are added to them. In the warm season, sheep should be on a free-range, because they do not like the stables

Of course, the Romanov breed is the leader in all respects. It is able to bring its owner a good profit, while not requiring special attention to care. All this makes the Romanov breed very popular and popular in our country and not only.

Romanovskaya sheep breed