Repaired strawberry

Repaired strawberry

Repaired strawberry differs from ordinary plant varieties in that, immediately after the completion of the 1st fruiting, it is able to give a full yield again. For this reason, the berry is very popular with gardeners. However, in order to obtain an abundant harvest throughout the summer, it is necessary to know the properties of the plant and the features of caring for it

Repaired strawberry

Distinctive properties As soon as the first fruits of the repair strawberry are collected, the plant immediately begins to lay new buds and tie future fruits. Strawberries can bring 2 crops throughout the whole summer season. Due to the peculiarities of fruiting, the repairing strawberry needs more frequent watering compared to conventional plant varieties. In addition, the berry must be fertilized

In addition to the positive properties, the repairing strawberry also has negative features. Over the entire season, the plant will give less berries than normal varieties of strawberries. However, this does not reduce its popularity

Ogorodniki gladly grow the plant, because it will bear fruit from the middle of spring until late autumn

The volume of the 1st harvest will be equal to only 30% of the total number of berries that can be obtained during the season. For the 2nd fruiting to be larger, the first inflorescences should be cut off. If it is planned to obtain antennae for breeding, then cut off should be the inflorescence formed after the 1st harvest

Another negative feature of remontant strawberry is the fragility of the bush. He is able to bear fruit only 3 years, after which he dies. The reason for this is the fact that the plant, because of the way it fructifies, is always working on wear. Repaired strawberries require a lot of care and attention

Repaired strawberry

Planting A variety is considered genetically pure if the repairing strawberry was grown from seeds. When planting, soil moisture should be at least 70%. Seeds are planted in a small box or pot, the size of which is about 15-20 cm in diameter

The planting material must be spread over the entire soil plane in the pot and not covered with earth from above. In this way the strawberry reproduces in natural conditions. If the method is broken, then the seeds will not rise. As soon as the first sprouts appear, the containers should be covered with a film for 3 weeks

In May, grown sprouts can be planted on open ground. To do this, in the soil should make small holes and put in them young plants. Then the seedlings of the repairing strawberry should be poured and ground

Repaired strawberry

Care of the plant The roots of the plant must receive enough oxygen. Therefore, the ground should often be loosened. However, do not be too zealous. Excess oxygen can make the plant develop

Roots should always be completely covered with earth. For this reason, you should occasionally pour a small amount of new soil. When the plant blooms, it must be fertilized. If the berries began to crumble, the bush should be tied up

There are quite a few pests in the patch of strawberry

Among them:

    Strawberry mite; Powdery mildew; Slugs.

To pests do not bother, you need to take 2 heads of fresh garlic, pour them 3 liters of water and leave to infuse. A week later the mixture is ready for use. She should carefully spray all the leaves of the repair strawberry

The first cold the plant must withstand independently. Then all the leaves should be cut off and leave a patchwork of strawberries for the winter

With due care, the repairing strawberry is able to yield a plentiful harvest throughout the summer.

Repaired strawberry