Raspberry: planting and care in the open ground

Raspberry: planting and care in the open ground

Raspberry: planting and care in the open ground

Raspberry is a garden culture that has existed since very old times. There are even legends about her. It has not diminished its importance and popularity in our days

Raspberry is able to give us high yields of infinitely useful berries, it does not lose its flavor during thermal treatments, freezing. Well, and of course, who never in life, at least in childhood, was not treated with an old and proven method – tea with raspberries?! This article will tell you how to plant raspberries on the plot and recommendations that will be useful to you.

How to choose a site for planting raspberries?

Raspberry: planting and care in the open ground

Each summer resident who planted raspberries on his plot knows that this shrubbery grows very fast and far. For a few years a whole plantation can grow from a dozen seedlings

In our country, raspberries are good business. After all, it can bear fruit from the beginning of summer until the deepest autumn, it is unpretentious, it does not need constant monitoring and care. Only some nuances, but they are all simple

So, in order to plant a raspberry on the plot, you need to first find a place for it:

1. for this, carry out a visual inspection to see which part of the dacha you can have for large raspberry plantations. She needs space;

2. never plant shrubs next to other plants that do not like shadows, neighborhoods on beds. As a raspberry rather big. It can destroy other plantings by its growth and shading;

3. so that the berries in you evenly mature, while they have a large size, choose only the most sunny place;

4. on the site where planted raspberries, you need to hold water. Or hoses should reach there, because during flowering and ripening of berries, raspberries should be watered. But if the summer was rainy, then watering will be minimal. Otherwise, the berry becomes watery;

5. if you want the seedlings to “sit” in one place, and not crawl like caterpillars all over the yard, then you can make raspberries in advance. Since it sprouts roots, then under the ground you can dig at a depth of 20-35 cm to her fence. To do this, any suitable materials: boards, slate, plastic;

6. raspberry during the ripening of the fruit very often begins to fall down. Thus a part of the fruit falls or begins to rot. Take care that you can tie your bushes;

7. not the best predecessors for raspberries are potatoes, tomatoes and strawberries. Because these cultures have the same diseases.

Planting raspberries in the open ground and care for it

Raspberry: planting and care in the open ground

Raspberries are planted with cuttings or individual bushes. The landing can be carried out both in spring and in autumn. The site is well digged before planting. You can make fertilizer. Or already put the top dressing in each hole during planting

From fertilizers, raspberries respond well to organic, such as mullein, humus, chicken litter, and she also likes complete mineral preparations from stores

Think in advance how you will approach raspberries, how to water and how to tie. This was discussed above. Then proceed to the holes

The pits must be deep in size 40/50 cm. The distance must be at least 65 cm between the seedlings. After the pits are dug, you can pour humus, peat and sand into the holes. This is the simplest and most effective fertilizer. After that, on each hole you need to pour more than half a bucket of water and proceed to planting

Each seedling goes deep into the earth’s soil and is filled with earth. After that the soil is compacted. That’s all. Now your raspberries need regular watering so that the soil does not dry up. If sprouts and leaves begin to appear on the seedlings, then they begin

When the raspberry grows, you need to tie it. To do this, you can use vertical supports for each bush or trellis. In autumn, the bushes are cut off, leaving 15-20 cm from the ground. But there are summer residents who do not practice pruning for the time of cold weather

In the spring, it is necessary to revise the bushes. Those that are frozen, you need to delete. Raspberries are periodically fed with organic top dressing. Also, be careful not to be bothered by weeds and pests. Regularly remove grass and inspect the above-ground part

These simple guidelines will help you to be proud of the large harvest of raspberries that will be obtained thanks to you.

Raspberry: planting and care in the open ground