Rapeseed honey

Rapeseed honey

The bees extract rapeseed honey from the melliferous fodder plant – rape. Yellow and small rape blossoms contain a lot of pollen, so beekeepers receive not only a large amount of honey from the plant, but also stockpile useful pollen for feeding bee colonies.

In Russia, rapeseed blooms in damp, cool weather, from the last days of May to the end of June. In Ukraine, honey is harvested from April to May. Rapeseed of spring breeds blooms in August, so beekeepers have the opportunity to get a second honey harvest. For a day, bees can bring 8 hectares of honey from a hectare of weeds, and from a hectare of sown field – 80 or 100 kg.

Rapeseed honey

Quality indicators of rapeseed honey

Rape honey is high in the high content of Boron element, which stabilizes the functioning of the thyroid glands. In addition, honey from rapeseed nectar speeds up the regeneration of any human bones and tissues.

The color of fresh rapeseed honey is slightly yellow or white, transparent, the fragrance is weak floral, gentle, very pleasant. His taste is tart, sweet, a bit sugary, like mustard. Rapeseed honey crystallized has a creamy whitish color, or with a gray tinge.

Glucose in its composition more than 50%, water 17-19%, inverted sugars – up to 82%, dextrins – more than 7%. It has a low content of minerals and a high number and number of biological active elements. Contains very significant enzymes and vitamins, especially a lot of ascorbic acid in it.

Honey does not melt in the mouth, it is poorly soluble in water, its consistency is very thick. It incredibly rapidly crystallizes, forming large white crystals directly in honeycomb, so beekeepers try to pump out no later than 24 hours after filling the honeycombs. Crystallization in banks comes weeks through 3 – 4.

Honey in case of improper storage can quickly turn sour. It is recommended to keep it in the dark, without access to air and light.

Rapeseed honey for home medicine chest

Honey from the nectar of rapeseed can significantly alleviate the toxicosis in pregnant women. A spoon of honey will relieve the nausea. It does not cause allergic reactions.

Honey is a wonderful tool for strengthening the immune system, it tones up, increases the mental and physical ability of a person.

With thyroid diseases, hormonal disorders, including with menopause, the use of honey necessarily alleviates the morbid condition.

With the help of honey, it is possible to increase potency in men, it is also used for complex infertility treatment in women.

Ointments, which contain rapeseed honey, are successfully used for the healing of diabetic infected ulcers. In most cases, honey heals wounds much faster than artificial antibiotics.

Rapeseed honey

Honey from rapeseed nectar is lubricated by bleeding gums, wounds on the skin, as it can stimulate rapid regeneration of damaged tissues and accelerates the growth of new ones. For the purpose of rejuvenation it is used in cosmetology centers.

Honey is used to treat the gastrointestinal tract, it is able to heal ulcers, restore the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestines. It is used to get rid of enteritis, gastritis, constipation.

Rapeseed honey helps with cardiac and vascular problems: with hypotension and hypertension. With cardiac dystrophy, a heart attack. The use of honey in restoring the elasticity of smooth heart muscles is proved. It must be taken for the early adhesion of bones in cases of fractures.

Rapeseed honey solve the problems of hepatic and enzymatic insufficiency, as well as spleen, it improves the function of hematopoiesis recovery.

It is recommended for obesity, as honey improves carbohydrate metabolism.

Pollen, which is collected in huge numbers by bees, inevitably falls into honey, strengthening its healing effect. In addition, it is very useful for bees.

How to choose high-quality honey

In order not to buy a counterfeit product, it is necessary to buy rapeseed honey from acquaintances or from beekeepers. Usually these beekeepers trade not only with honey, but also with other products: pearl, pollen, propolis, royal jelly.

You can not take honey that is sold or stored in metal containers. Such honey can cause poisoning.

Rapeseed honey