Rabbits of the “Gray Giant” breed

Rabbits of the “Gray Giant” breed

Probably, all people, when it comes to a rabbit, immediately before the eyes there is an image of a nice little lump of wool. In fact, for a long time already, such breeds of rabbits have been bred, which you can not just hold on your hands without tearing your back. One of such breeds is considered to be the Gray Giant.

History of occurrence

Starting in 1952, in the Poltava region, that this new breed was officially registered in Ukraine, which arose due to a long and painstaking selection.

Initially, flanders were used as a basis. In order for the gray giant to be able to better adapt to the climate, initially flanders began to be crossed with local rabbits.

Thus, in the course of such selection work, it was possible to obtain a large rabbit that is perfectly adapted to the natural conditions and has good immunity against a variety of viral diseases.

Rabbits of the Gray Giant breed

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This breed is a meat-skin type rabbit. This type of rabbit differs in natural gray color, with the possibility of a shade from black to red. Rabbits large enough meet on 7, 9, but record records in 12-15 kg have been fixed. On the paws most often they have “socks” and abdomen of white hue.

Conditions of maintenance and care

As it was said before, this breed is perfectly adapted to local (Russian) conditions, and thanks to this it does not require any extra efforts, for maintenance. The only thing that is necessary is ordinary, slightly more fortified cells, which should be aimed at the sun, but not directly under the rays. As for the remaining requirements, they fully coincide with all standard measures, as for any other breed: the absence of drafts, cleanliness, care and attention.

Feeding and breeding conditions

Regarding special requirements for the breeding of this breed, there are also no special conditions. Gray giant is very well-bred, undemanding to fodder, females have a high level of milk, and the whole breed is distinguished by great survival. In the event that you intend to breed for skins and quality meat, you only need to feed the rabbits with a balanced and fresh food. In order to increase growth, it is possible to introduce proteins.

In no case can you overfeed rabbits, however, in the same way as undernourished. Necessary not only a balanced, but also a diverse, vitaminized food with a lot of additives. We must not forget about a certain time of feeding.

As for juicy feed, it must be mixed with hay. All vegetables should be clean and without fail fresh.

Rabbits of the Gray Giant breed

This breed is very prolific, with an average litter of 8 rabbits, but there were also cases of 11 rabbits. Do not worry about the maternal instinct of females, because they take care of their offspring very well, the cases of eating offspring and trampling on them are practically excluded.

Young growth of this breed very quickly fatten and grows well. A newborn rabbit weighs about 75-85 grams, and after about 60-90 days its weight rises to 2-2.5 kg.

In conclusion, it should be said that the gray giants are very popular due to all the qualities listed above. They have enough valuable skin and meat. And at the moment they are very common in the territories of the CIS countries. Selective works are also taking place at the moment, so you can do the purity of the breed and improve it.

Rabbits of the “Gray Giant” breed