Rabbits of the breed “Alaska”

Rabbits of the breed “Alaska”

Rabbits of the breed Alaska

Alaska is a rabbit of medium size, very popular in the West. The breed is obtained by a complex crossing between Dutch, silver, havana, pure-black German, and other rabbits. It was bred by French breeders in the seventies of the 9th century, whence, in several decades, it moved to Germany. Soon, all European countries became interested in Alaska and she took up a vast territory of residence

Description These, medium, rabbits are bred for obtaining meat and skins. The living weight of adult Alaska ranges from three to five kilograms. Animals have a rather short, round body, compact in size, a small oval head with small ears, densely planted on a short neck. A wide chest and muscular croup, combined with very strong, strong limbs of medium length, create an image of a squat, but elegant, stocky animal, a dense proportional body. In rabbits of this breed, the eyes are always brown, the claws are black or brown

The fur is long, very thick, has a stunning coloration – on top is black, with intense shine, dark blue. Abdomen black, matte, ears black-brown. This exclusive coloring makes their skins in demand. Despite the low demand for Alaska, this breed needs regular care of the coat, which means cleaning, in order to remove excess wool. This process helps to accelerate the beginning of molting and the removal of old fur, which has the feature of changing its unmatched black color, with a blue substrate, to the color of rust

Breeding and care Females have an average fertility. In one case, up to seven rabbits may appear. The amount of milk does not allow the feeding of more young. A total of four or five acres a year. Rabbits of the Alaska breed are absolutely not whimsical, in terms of content and feeding. They do not need any special conditions. Ready to be all year round on the street, because they do not fear frost and heat

Variants of accommodation of Alaska: barn, open air under a canopy, in open-air cages, holes, holes. If there are any problems, they are easy to recognize by changing the behavior of the animal. You can feed them, like other breeds – branches, grass, harvests from the garden and garden. If there is a need to leave for a few days, you can lay dry food in the form of hay and mixed fodder. Provision of water is carried out with the help of a vacuum drinker, which experienced rabbit breeders are equipped with electric heating

Despite the many positive characteristics of this breed, Alaska is not yet a common breed. Such rabbits can sometimes be seen in small private farms of amateur rabbit breeders. Basically, the purchase and sale of these animals occurs using specialized bulletin boards located on the Internet, or forums of rabbit breeders. A wide range of consumers does not know that it is easy to make Alaska a tame animal and keep it as a favorite of the whole family, at home.

Rabbits of the breed “Alaska”