Rabbit of the breed “Rizen”

Rabbit of the breed “Rizen”

The history of the breed begins in the 16th century in Flanders. At the moment, there is a very large number of constant disputes about this, as to whether the Risen breed is an independent breed or just a slightly larger breed of Flandra than usual. Whatever it was, despite all the similarity, these breeds also have differences.

Breed Standard

At the moment, we can say with confidence that this breed is the largest. These rabbits have a very large body, along with a well developed musculature. The body weight of such a breed, often does not happen less than six kilograms, but is in the region of 10-11, but there are registered cases when they grew to 14 kilograms. Despite the fact that these rabbits are large enough, they are very clumsy and any breeder will immediately turn attention to this aspect. And the head and cheeks are very large.

Rabbit of the breed Rizen

As for breeding meat for meat, this will be an excellent choice, as they have a special softness, tenderness and juiciness. The breed also attracts its dense and thick fur. As for the color, it is quite diverse and can be sand, gray, blue and black.

Due to their kind nature this breed is often taken home and as pets, even in spite of their large size. It is believed that these rabbits have great intelligence.

Maintenance and care

To the maintenance and care of this animal it is necessary to concern with especial attention. Due to their rather impressive dimensions, they need a large space. I would like to note that this breed feels great on the street. To ensure that the rabbits were in comfort, enough for a small canopy and aviary. The Russian climate is well tolerated by these breeds, and due to its strong immune system, they rarely get sick and have good health. But despite this, it is necessary to ensure that there are no drafts, and in the case of a room, then after a constant influx of fresh air. Do not forget that there should not be any dirt, rabbits are very clean.

As for the feeding of these animals, they are not particularly choosy, and eat whatever the other rabbits eat. The only thing that needs to be monitored is the constant control of food intake. It is best that it is constantly at the same time.


With the breeding of these rocks a real problem, because they have an incredibly large species in relation to their relatives of smaller breeds. By the way because of this, despite their unique characteristics, they are so rarely bred on an industrial scale. The first mating in these animals is often performed after 8 months.

Rabbit of the breed Rizen

For breeding work, it is necessary to choose the best manufacturers, which will be taken only from different nests. As for the females of this breed, they are very good as a mom for young animals and very rarely refuse their rabbits. With regard to feeding up at the stage before, during and after pregnancy, then here, like all other rabbits, they should receive a full meal, which will fully have all the minerals and vitamins, as well as a relaxing environment and hygiene.

Despite the fact that such a breed is very large, up to its size, they reach long enough. Also, it is worth considering that the cost of feed will also be increased.

Due to the fact that this breed of rabbits is very expensive and inconvenient for mass breeding, they are not very popular on a large scale, but as a variant of breeding in private farms or for personal needs in the country, they are very popular. And this popularity grows every year in the territories of the CIS countries.

Rabbit of the breed “Rizen”