Rabbit breeding

Poisonous plants for rabbits

Despite the fact that the rabbit is a herbivore, not all plants are suitable for feeding. Some herbs are not just harmful to the health of the animal, but can also cause […]

Drinking machine for rabbits

Rabbits, as in principle and all other mammals, need water. In the summer, they can get moisture directly from ponds or succulent grass. But if the rabbit is in “greenhouse” conditions, then […]

Room for rabbits

It is best to keep rabbits in special cages, this will allow to fully control the whole life of rabbits and will give ease for their care. In order to create for […]

Prevention of rabbit diseases

Timely prevention of the most common diseases in rabbits helps to largely protect the life and health of animals. Prevention includes several basic principles, the observance of which does not take the […]

Bonification of rabbits

Bonitation is a procedure whose purpose is to determine the quality of pedigree rabbits based on their quality, breed, constitution and various other indicators. During the procedure, each animal receives its assessment […]

Infectious diseases of rabbits

Certainly, to prevent any sickness and disease is much easier than to then treat it. To ensure that your rabbits are always in good spirits and strong health, you need to carry […]

Care for sucrine rabbits

Sukroty, as an integral part of the reproduction of rabbits, lasts about 30 days. Care during the period of rabbit sucrubility is of exceptional importance, if it is necessary to obtain healthy […]

The content of rabbits in sheds

Growing rabbits in sheds is keeping animals in one room in cells-cells. Most often these are two-storeyed structures, consisting of symmetrical cells that are placed one above the other and stand wall […]

Sealed and semi-compacted

Semi-compacted sexol is such a sex, after which the female starts on the mating only after ten to fourteen days after she has committed okol. The young are taken away from their […]

Winter okroly

Do not underestimate the conduct of the blood on the winter season. Needless to say, thanks to private observations and professional breeders, we can confidently state that the yield of young animals […]

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