Rabbit breed “Butterfly”

Rabbit breed “Butterfly”

Rabbit breed Butterfly

Rabbits of the butterfly breed refer to decorative animals, mainly used to obtain a large quantity of quality fur. The name was given to the breed because of its unusual color for rabbits. The basic color of rabbit hair is white, but there are black inclusions that resemble a butterfly in shape

The breed was bred in the UK in the second quarter of the XIX century, quickly spread among fans of decorative rabbit breeding. When purebred rabbits of this breed were used in Germany and in France, their own varieties of this breed were obtained. For a long time butterflies were crossed with meat breeds of rabbits. Characteristic features of the breed The animal’s body is strong, muscular, reaching from the tip of the ears to the tip of the tail – 60 centimeters, the females are somewhat smaller. The head of the rabbit is oval in shape, slightly elongated in rabbits and rounded at the rabbits. The rabbit’s chest is deep, wide enough. There is a visible dewlap. The back is also wide and long. The legs are muscular, powerful, the back of the trunk is round

Bunnies have high milk indicators, which allows them to feed up to 8 rabbits in one litter. The maternal instinct is well developed, but after the birth of the rabbits it is necessary to observe the female for several hours in order to avoid the death of the offspring because of her aggressive behavior

Sexually mature rabbits become early enough, respond well to fattening, because they grow quickly and gain the weight necessary for slaughtering or crossing. The weight of an adult rabbit averages 4 to 5 kilograms. Rabbits skin is smooth, shiny fur, medium-thick fur. In the market of fur skins, the butterfly breed is valued highly enough, as the spots on the back and sides of the rabbit can be not only black, but also blue, gray, or coffee tints. Rabbit breed Butterfly

Maintenance and care The breed is very popular both in households and in industry, butterflies are bred throughout the post-Soviet space. At the moment there are both usual enough large rabbits of the butterfly breed, and their small in weight and size brothers, considered decorative and raised exclusively for amateur needs

Care rabbits is to build a spacious cell with the ability to have constant access to food and water. Rabbits rodents, because the cage is best made of wood, upholstered with stainless steel sheets, or mesh. The size of the cell depends on the size of the rabbit. For an adult rabbit, you need at least half a meter of free space, so the cell needs to be designed in such a way that it does not contain more than 2×3 adults at a time. The floor in the cage should be mesh, double, preferably with a sliding pallet, where waste could be received. The cell must be cleaned at least once a week, the litter is changed and the remains of the scattered food removed

Rabbits often get sick, therefore, 2 weeks after the birth of the rabbit, they must be vaccinated

Feeding The rabbits feed mainly on dry food or greens. With pleasure they eat beet and carrot tops, acacia leaves, sorrel and cabbage. Do not give up fruit and vegetables, because having rabbits on the farm, you should take care that even in the winter they have in their cage a few cabbage leaves, beets, or carrots

In winter rabbits eat corn, wheat, oats and other grains. In large quantities, animals eat hay, it is recommended that they be given to rabbits even in the summer. In general, rabbits of the butterfly breed are unpretentious in food and living conditions, are appreciated for tasty meat and beautiful fur, which goes to the production of fur coats and hats.

Rabbit breed “Butterfly”