Rabbit breed “Belka”

Rabbit breed “Belka”

Rabbit breed Belka

In the creation of the protein breed, rabbits of two breeds were involved – the Vienna blue and the havanna. This original, fluffy animal was bred by German breeders at the beginning of the 20th century. Crossing of two breeds gave the world a very beautiful breed, distinguished by high quality of fur, which served as the definition of the direction for its breeding

Description Protein does not have a large live weight, its indices barely reach 4.5 kilograms. The males are proportionally composed, with a strong bone, a straight back, a broad and deep, developed chest, a light, slightly extended head, and rather long, erect ears. In rabbits, a longer and broader back, not too noticeable dewlaps, a wide croup and a loin area, smooth and strong legs set wide. By its size, body weight, constitution and physique, the protein strongly resembles the Viennese blue rabbit

Breeding and use The breed is grown to produce very beautiful fur, from medium to large rabbits. The wool of the rabbit resembles the quality of the fur of the Aleutian squirrel, which is why this breed takes its name. Gray-blue color, with a lilac shade and white belly, has an average density and zonal coloration. In a darker color, the back is painted, the upper part of the head and tail and paws. The ponytail from below, like the abdomen, is whitish. Significantly complicates the breeding of this breed, and reduces its popularity, low fertility of females

In addition, they do not differ in milk, which is why not more than six rabbits are brought for one okol. But, but the rabbits have a strong development of the maternal instinct, thanks to which, caring for the young helps them survive in bad weather conditions and the losses of the rabbit are insignificant. Rabbits of the protein breed have a meat-skins orientation, like most rocks belonging to the middle type. Dietary meat is a protein of tender taste and soft consistency, which is a pleasant addition, but not enough for the development of the meat direction of this breed

In addition to delicious rabbit, the protein gives very beautiful, shiny, large skins, for which it is valued. The demand for pelts is also explained by the fact that they look dignified in their original form, and can also be painted in various colors, imitating the furs of various fur-bearing animals. Positive characteristics of the breed, is its endurance and unpretentiousness in content and feeding. Rabbit breeds of protein can be grown under different climatic conditions, because of their excellent adaptation to various weather disasters

To date, the breed has not been widely spread, due to the low productivity and milkiness of females, as well as a small live mass. Tribal work is carried out only in the amateur rabbit breeders, on their own private plots. Industrial cultivation almost does not occur. The only breeding enterprise that took care of breeding rabbits of the protein breed is the Moscow stock breeding gene pool.

Rabbit breed “Belka”