Pushkin breed of chickens

Pushkin breed of chickens

Pushkin breed of chickens

Chickens in the household have always been the most common bird, which is not surprising. After all, they give not only valuable white meat, but also delicious eggs. For most residents of our country it is chicken eggs that are the main in the diet, since they can not eat any other

Therefore, it’s no secret to anyone that breeders are trying to bring out more and better and more productive breeds. One such is Pushkin’s

This variety of birds is meat-egg. This makes the breed very profitable for breeding both in the home farmstead and on an industrial scale. Chickens Pushkin were withdrawn twenty years ago. But officially the bird was approved in 2007

At the heart of the breed of Pushkin’s chickens lie two forward. All of them have a large egg-laying capacity, which has yielded positive results. In order for the chickens to acquire a good meat mass, they are crossed with the broiler type. Although it is believed that the Pushkin chickens are still far from the real broiler species, the fact that poultry meat has high taste qualities can not be denied by anyone

Species characteristics

Pushkin breed of chickens

The bird of this species is well distinguished among the rest of the birds. It’s all about her motley plumage. In this case the variegated, as a rule, layers, and the roosters are mostly white with a beautiful and high tail

The legs of the breed are high. This indicates that the chickens can easily overcome obstacles. High grass for them is not a problem. The bird’s head is of medium size, but on the body it looks very harmonious. It is complemented by a bent beak and a beautiful high comb with a pronounced thorn. The ears of the ears are pink, sometimes they can turn white. The eyes of Pushkin’s chickens are orange. But the color can be different. Eyes are not selection criteria, as they are not mentioned in the standard. The neck of chickens is high, has a mane. Individuals are compact. As a rule, about 2-2.5 kg

Males reach 3 kg. Meat has a very delicate taste and aroma. Eggplant on average for the year is 210-220 eggs. But there are sources that say that the breed brought in a year and up to 290 eggs. It is worth mentioning another important nuance – the Pushkin breed in the first year of its life has a high egg productivity, but gradually it begins to decline from year to year. The color of the egg is white or milky. Weight – 57-58 grams

The bird has a large percentage of egg fertility. It is up to 90%. This indicates that the breed is very easy to breed and this business will be beneficial for the farmer. Another important fact is that chickens grow very quickly, which indicates that after the birth of the hens can give a litter in a very short time. Chicks also have very good survival. It is equal to 87-90%. But during the growth of about 12% of the chickens are killed for reasons of disease. Although the breed is very persistent, there is still a small incidence of morbidity

Chickens of this breed have one positive feature that most other breeds do not have. At the time of the slaughter, the laying hen sits on the ground, trying, therefore, to hide. Other breeds of chickens start screaming loudly, reading all the others, and running around in circles. This feature makes life easier for farmers. Meat is well preserved, without losing its appearance

Peculiarities of the breed’s content The breed does not require special conditions. They are absolutely unpretentious. Good rushes in the usual corrals. Feeding does not require additives. Therefore, all that a beginner farmer needs is grain and feed. They should be given daily in equal proportions. The floor in the enclosure can be laid with simple straw

In a word, we can say that it is very profitable and incompetent to breed chickens of this breed. She pays for all expenses a hundredfold.

Pushkin breed of chickens