Pruning barberry

Pruning barberry

Pruning barberry

Barberry or the second name “caramel tree” is a shrub or a small tree with red oblong fruits. The value of barberry is manifested, mainly, in cooking. It is added in the form of seasoning in meat dishes, salads, cook jam and marmalade, use it in cooking pilaf and other dishes

In addition, barberry has curative properties, it is used as an anti-inflammatory therapy, for the treatment of gynecological problems, diseases of the digestive tract

To barberry grows strong and gave a good harvest, it needs proper care. An important factor is the correct pruning of the bush

Rules for pruning barberry There are some simple rules for pruning barberry that will allow the plant to rejoice with fruits every year: 1. Trimming “caramel tree” must be made every year in the spring before the appearance of the kidneys

2. This procedure is carried out in order to model the shape of the plant, as well as to rejuvenate and give strength to new growth

3. When barberry is stricken by pests or sick, it is necessary to trim the damaged branches to stop the spread of the problem to the entire bush. In addition to branches it is also necessary to remove shoots, leaves and burn them

4. Do not shorten the branches very much, since the fruits of this plant appear on shoots of annual

5. The process of pruning barberry is to remove weak, damaged, dry branches

6. When the “caramel tree” is used as a hedge, pruning should be carried out two years after planting the plant. In this case, cut almost 2/3 of the shrub. In the next years of life, the procedure is carried out in June and August – twice a year

7. 10-12-year-old barbers need to make rejuvenating trim. For this, the old branches are cut completely or left 3 cm from the base

8. Shape can be given to any shrub, it can be a sphere, a pyramid, etc.

9. To barberry bring good fruits, it should be planted in a well-lit place, not in the shade, since the location depends on the quality and quantity of fruits

Like any other plant, the shrub requires fertilization and watering. Supplementation should begin from the second year. It is best to use complex fertilizers

To barberry does not suffer from pests, it is necessary to spray the bushes with a solution of household soap or buy a special mixture in the store.

Pruning barberry