Prestaster for piglets

Prestaster for piglets

Prestaster for piglets

The very first feed that pigs receive is a prestaster. The current technological system for growing piglets necessarily includes the use of these feeds. It should be noted that a positive stage in the start of active growth of a piglet is a pledge of further development and fattening.

The plant contains the widely spread proteins of vegetable origin, which have considerable accessibility, for example, the protein of a potato. As milk elements, sweet whey of milk, casein, etc. are used. From proteins of zoological origin fish meal is used. From fats sunflower oil is used. Nutrients, vitamins, microelements that are part of the prestaster should be of high quality. To increase the level of the immune status of animals, phytobiotics and tannin are added to the feed.

To date, any respected specialist will recommend to each farmer and the owner of the farm to use feedstuffs for the rational growth of young animals.

The first moments in the life of guinea pigs are extremely valuable. They really need good content and high-quality feeding.

Any farm or farm you are raising pigs has the following objectives and objectives:

1. Healthy and strong livestock

2. High Productivity

3. Getting stable profit

In the detached period, piglets can consume a low amount of food when irrational feeding occurs. There may be a problem, such as low digestibility. Protein fermentation promotes the development of diarrhea, which subsequently leads to the death of animals. Pigs are most often killed on the 3-4th day and 25-40th day in the weaning period, taking into account the preservation of the level of fodder consumption.

A lot of problem moments of the detachment period can be prevented, if used in the cultivation of young fodder-prestastera. It is especially important that they are of high quality. Feeds with high quality have in their composition a small amount of protein. Such indicators of protein content prevent overload of the digestive system and protein fermentation in the digestive tract.

Prestaster for piglets

It is recommended to start feeding pre-starters from five to seven days of age. The dose of feeding must first be given a small and gradually increase it. The feed should be set about 10 times a day. Statistics show that during the cultivation on the stubborn, and this is about eight weeks, one pig has up to ten kilograms of feed.

Prestarternoe feeding promotes stimulation of digestive organs, helping to implement a softer transition to dry feeding. It also increases the level of digestibility and assimilation, which is also due to the use of special elements and the technological process of feed release, the use of enzymes. Processed grain heat is better digested than unprocessed.

Preterrhoeal fodders contribute to a better development of the normoflora of the intestine. The substances included in these feeds have a positive effect on the immune system. As statistics show, piglets are born with a weak immune system. Therefore, they are susceptible to various gastrointestinal diseases. Therefore, it is worthwhile from the very beginning of their life to accustom them to additives and fodders, which will help to increase immunity.

Preterranean fodder will help you prevent the death of a significant part of the herd. Among other things, Prestartera has a significant influence on the active growth and proper development of pigs. The greatest weight gain of pigs is due to the minimum energy costs when switching to the predstarter. Such feeding will save the number of feeds eaten in the future.

Prestaster for piglets