Potato variety “Uladar”

Potato variety “Uladar”

Potato variety Uladar

Potatoes, like bread whole head. We do not imagine our life without this tuber culture. Potatoes are eaten as an independent dish, and it is included in many recipes

Growing a good harvest is the task of every trucker. And to do this, you need to know what sort of plant to plant. To do this, you need to understand the varieties themselves. One of the types of potatoes will be discussed today

Variety “Uladar”. general description

Potato variety Uladar

“Uladar” is one of the recent varieties that was eaten by breeders. He is referred to the early species

The advantage of this potato gardeners is seen in the high taste qualities of the tuber. Also to the strong side of the variety is the fact that it does not boil during heat treatment

The yield of potatoes is good, while it does not require complicated techniques of agricultural technology, and even refers to soils, since it is safe to say, since it can grow on completely different soils

This variety was bred in Belarus. Where he gained popularity among the summer residents, but this was not the case. “Uladar” gradually won the hearts of Ukrainian gardeners and, of course, Russia. In the register it was included in 2008

Varietal characteristics

Potato variety Uladar

Potatoes, as already mentioned above, have good taste and unpretentious. His bush is compact, not scattered. The aerial part grows straight, the leaves are also not large, the stems are thin

Tubers have a traditional yellowish tone, a thin skin. By weight, they are average, as a rule, have a mass of 90 to 160 grams, are well cleaned, have a slightly elongated shape. Eyes on potatoes are small. One bush can give from 8 to 13 potatoes

Yield even in a cool climate, but with good care, high – can reach up to 350 quintals per hectare. Such a grade yields during the first digging, again the agronomists recorded up to 600 centners of tubers per hectare

For information! The record harvest of potatoes “Uladar” was a maximum of 71 tons per hectare

Also it is possible to note the following varietal characteristics of the variety “Uladar”:

    tubers in their composition contain from 11 to 17% of starch; The first harvest of young potatoes can be collected already 45 days after planting. The period of vegetation is 70-75 days; potatoes are very well kept, for which they appreciate it. This indicator also gives competitiveness in the vegetable market; can yield two crops per year; does not require abundant soil nutrition, with a drought copes perfectly. If the heat without rain is a very long period, then potatoes can be shed 1-2 times; another important indicator and positive for this variety is excellent preservation during harvesting and after. Potatoes are not injured, not broken.

The demand for potatoes “Uladar” is explained by its early shoots and good behavior during cooking. So, people who grow a variety or bought tubers on the market, note that they produce dishes with excellent taste. Potatoes can be boiled, fried, baked. It is not watery, does not fall apart, does not lose its taste and aroma.

Diseases of potatoes “Uladar”

All of the above characterizes the variety on the good side, but there is also another important advantage. Potatoes are practically not sick. All the most common diseases such as rot, cancer, scab, nematodes are not terrible for the variety

In rare cases, tubers can be affected by rhizoctonia

All this suggests that if you do not know what grade to plant on your plot or for sale, then “Uladar” is an excellent option. It is also suitable for regions with an unfavorable climate.

Potato variety “Uladar”