Potato variety “Skarb”

Potato variety “Skarb”

Potato variety Skarb

Among vegetables, potatoes are considered the most popular. Since every house it is consumed daily. Today there are many varieties of potatoes, so gardeners to choose a variety fit thoroughly

The main thing is to decide for yourself what to do with the harvest, how you will use it. Potatoes are of different quality, and also has different maturation periods

If you want to use this vegetable this summer, then choose quickly sifting varieties. And for storage they do not fit. To prepare for the winter potatoes choose medium ripe and late varieties that have excellent yields and can last for a long time in winter

Here are the “Scarves”. It has an average maturation period

The characteristics of the Scarb Variety were selected by breeders from Belarus. Already in 2002 he was added to the state register of Russia. After planting tubers, the crop appears after three months, at most three and a half. It depends on the care and climatic conditions

Vegetables have excellent taste qualities, they do not lose shape when cooking. The color of the tuber is yellow. Initially, this table grade was intended for the production of salads

Starch is found in tubers within seventeen percent. Their shape is mostly oval, and the skin is yellowish in color. The eyes are small and located throughout the surface of the vegetable. The yield of this variety is high. The people who plant it say that up to twenty tubers are collected from one bush. And the size of them is not small, they weigh from one hundred and fifty to two hundred grams

Yields from the garden reach up to 650 quintals per hectare. This variety has a rest period of up to four months, so they are well kept all winter in the basement

Features of “Scarba” The bush of this type of potato has an average height. The leaves are long and oval in shape, the edges do not have undulations. Their color is dark green, and it blooms in small white flowers. Since after planting it takes a long time to wait for sprouting, the potatoes must be germinated well and heated. Cut to pieces of tubers is not better. Because then it will not be suitable for planting

Planting seeds should be done in shallow soil. And when they get up, it is necessary to hike them high. Arid days this variety tolerates medium. When the period of formation of a bush begins, it is impossible to overmoisten them. Otherwise the tubers will not be stored for long

Planting of potatoes The time of planting this variety will depend on the weather conditions. Usually this happens in May. The landing site is suitable for anyone, the soil does not matter. The landing scheme is 60×35 cm, and the depth is up to ten centimeters. It is not bad to plant in the soil, where perennial herbaceous plants, legumes or grains

During the cultivation of potatoes “Scarves” it will be necessary to constantly loosen the soil and remove the weeds. Must hills the bushes that have ascended. Before the bushes blossom, they are once again subjected to hilling. This is a good prevention against many diseases. Especially, from late blight. But the cancer and nematode potato variety “Scarp” is not sick

Potato variety Skarb

Be sure to harvest the harvest on time. This will be the key to long-term storage. This is determined by how the bush dries up. And you can dig it up and see the tubers as they are ripe. For digging out potatoes choose a sunny day

The entire harvest is first kept in a dark premise for several weeks. Then, sorting is carried out, removing the rotten and sick tubers. Store potatoes in the cellar or cellar, where the temperature is not higher than five degrees of heat. Otherwise, the fruits will begin to germinate and become softer.

Potato variety “Skarb”