Potato variety “Red Scarlet”

Potato variety “Red Scarlet”

In most areas of Russia, the variety of potatoes from Holland Red Scarlet is grown. Since the yield is high (six hundred centners per hectare), and the taste is excellent, Red Scarlet, as the best grade of red shade, is in the State Register of the Russian Federation

Due to the fact that the external data of such potatoes are pronounced, it is therefore easy to recognize. Tubers have the shape of an oval slightly elongated, the surface of the vegetable is smooth with a red tint. Inside the flesh is a bright yellowish color. The formation of tubers occurs simultaneously and their number is large. In winter, potatoes are stored well, almost 98% of tubers are kept until spring

Potato variety Red Scarlet

The eyes are shallow, about one millimeter, the entire surface of the vegetable is slightly flaky. Basically, the weight of the tuber is from eighty to one hundred and thirty grams

Bushes of potatoes of this sort are not high, they stand not quite straight, but the tops form quickly. The stems are not too thick, and the leaves are dyed green. They are small in size, along the edges a small waviness. Blossoms potatoes with lilac or red with purple hues

Characteristics of the variety Matters Red Scarlet faster than many varieties, as the maturation period is about two and a half months. Arid periods of potatoes are not harmful. Also has a good presentation because it is stored for a long time without changes

Starch in tubers contains about fifteen percent. When cooking, the potato of this variety is not boiled well, so in its finished form it does not lose its shape. Even when cutting a raw vegetable, a dark plaque does not appear, as in other varieties

Red Scarlet does not germinate for the second time. Because of these qualities, potatoes are used to make chips, french fries

Planting Red Scarlet Wells for embankment do not too deep, the tubers need to germinate in advance. Germs should be a millimeter two or five, they do not need to break them. Between the rows it is necessary to retreat centimeters sixty-seventy

The first sprouts can be seen in three weeks. On the fiftieth day it will be possible to harvest the first harvest. If you want the harvest to be productive, then make the soil loose. This is necessary for water and air to fall without obstacles to the roots. Before planting tubers, sort them rotten and spoiled

Red Scarlet is not bad to plant with legumes. A week before harvesting, you can remove the tops. This happens in late August or early September. By this time peel on the tubers will grow stronger, will not slazit. This variety is popular in restaurants, canteens because of its good taste qualities

Disease Potatoes Red Scarlet has a good resistance to common viral diseases. He is not afraid: the gold nematode, the virus PVYn, cancer. Rarely sick with scab and alternaria

This variety often picks up the phytopharosis of the foliage. If the air temperature is high in the summer, then it is necessary to make large hills under the bush and constantly monitor the moisture of the soil. You can add fertilizers: calcium, nitrogen, manganese and magnesium

Potato variety Red Scarlet

In the tubers of this variety there are many vitamins, there are amino acids and minerals, so its useful properties persist throughout the entire shelf life. These qualities will remain in spring, when the tubers will lie for a long time

Red Scarlet does not lose its useful qualities. But in fact at this time a person very much needs such substances. Another positive factor – the variety of this potato is available to any buyer, as it is not expensive, if compared with other varieties.

Potato variety “Red Scarlet”