Potato variety “Nevsky”

Potato variety “Nevsky”

Potato variety Nevsky

Potatoes, firmly entered the menu of everyday life and holidays. Without it, practically, there is not a single day. Therefore, it is clear how important the harvest is of this vegetable. Truck farmers spend a lot of effort, time and health in order to get a good return. But, unfortunately, this is not always enough. A sort of planting material plays an equally important role in obtaining a generous result.

Now the owners of garden plots no longer work in the old-fashioned way. They study new varieties, choose those that are most suitable for soil and climatic conditions and only with these varieties begin planting. Of course, varieties prefer resistant to diseases, abundant, with good conservation characteristics.

That is why Nevsky became such a favorite.


This breed was bred by domestic breeders, which means that all the features of climatic zones were taken into account. That is, it is in our regions that this potato will bring the most generous results with less effort and time.

This plant with a low, but powerful tops, juicy, green. White flowers blossom amicably, abundantly, but the bloom itself is short-lived. Nevsky – potatoes of early-middle ripening.

The shape of the tubers in the Nevsky variety is oval, the skin is yellow-brown in color, smooth.

On average, from a hundred we can collect up to 500 kg of this vegetable, and with especially careful care, and even more. On the cut is white, slightly yellowish. When cutting, it retains its color for a long time, it does not darken.

Weight of one tuber from 100 to 130 gr. And under one branch, you can find from 9 to 15 tubers, and all of them are even, about the same weight. The taste qualities are magnificent. Suitable for almost any dish. Not watery, not boiled.

During the entire period of growth, it is marked as a very resistant variety to weather conditions – it is not afraid of drought, it does not respond to rotting with heavy rains.

In terms of diseases, too, he proved himself on the good side. Little susceptible to the black leg, to cancer and antereriosis. True, the plant should be protected from the nematode, scab and late blight.

It is also very valuable because it has an excellent lezhkost – it does not sprout for a long time and retains its excellent qualities, practically, until a new crop, not even yielding to it even late varieties.

Potato variety Nevsky

Landing of Nevsky

For the highest harvest, you need to properly choose and prepare the soil, prepare the planting material and put potatoes correctly.

For planting, tubers of medium size are selected and soaked in manganese for 2-3 minutes.

Neva potatoes are planted with whole fruits, not cutting them. Potatoes are germinated at a temperature of +18 degrees, not allowing very long shoots, since the shoots are too brittle, there is a danger that large shoots are injured. That the sprouts do not grow 10-12 cm, later, they should be placed in cooler conditions, which will help not only to stop the growth of shoots, but also to harden future crops.

Soil, ideally, should be light and located on a sunny place (potatoes of different varieties prefer just such). If the site is chosen correctly, then at the same place can be sorted three years in a row.

Given the experience of truck farmers, potatoes should be planted in places where the oats used to grow, good results will be after cabbage, carrots, corn, beets or garlic. But the Solanaceae are undesirable predecessors for this culture.

In the spring, after the snow comes down (and even better, do not wait, and you yourself rake up snow areas for a better and faster warming up of the site), it is necessary to feed the landing area with slurry, compost, bird droppings or peat, and then dig.

After preliminary preparations it is necessary to start planting.

It is very important to determine the optimal landing time, because landing in cold soil and late planting reduces the yield by half. It is best to plant potatoes when the soil warms up by 7-8 degrees.

The very process of planting truck farmers is known – a hole is dug onto the bayonet of the shovel, where the fertilizer is poured, and the tuber is laid out. Immediately landings are covered with earth.

Potatoes will ascend in 2-3 weeks.


The very first conditions for obtaining a generous harvest of any vegetable is weeding. Weeding out the weeds, the plant not only provides the necessary sunlight and soil space, but also loosening of the soil, which is important for potato plantations.

In the flowering period, in the absence of natural precipitation, planting should be watered 1-2 times a week (during the hot time of day, watering of any plant is unacceptable).

After the first shoots appear, the potatoes hibernate. In other words, sprinkle the plant with soil, loosening it and saturating the soil with oxygen.

After the branches reach 30 cm, a second hamlet takes place.

The rest is left in the same way as for the potatoes of other varieties. It is noted only that with normal processing this variety yields surprising results.

Potato variety “Nevsky”