Potato variety “Luck”

Potato variety “Luck”

In our country everyone knows how to grow such a vegetable plant as potatoes. This occupation is practiced by people not only in the villages, but also in the city, in the suburban areas. All this is due to the fact that potatoes have always been considered the main product on our table

There are many varieties of potatoes. And experienced farmers know about what is more productive, but which is better kept in winter

Potato variety Luck

Introduction to the “Luck” variety. VNIIKh breeders were engaged in breeding this type of potato. And they gave the name to him that is really suitable for this kind of

First, “Luck” is maturing with an early variety, because two months after planting, you can harvest. And if you plant a seedling with such a vegetable, for example, in May, then in late June you can use the grown tubers. A young potato is consumed as early as a month and a half after the emergence of the first leaves

Secondly, this sort of potatoes is planted on any land, it adapts well to any kind of soil. But still, yields are better in the Far East, the Middle Volga region and in the Central Black Earth region of the Russian Federation. But also with its excellent adaptation and in many other regions, you can safely grow it. Countries of the CIS are also engaged in breeding varieties “Luck”. And if you plant potatoes on your site, do not worry, at least one kilogram of product from the bush you will get

Thirdly, the bushes in this variety are sprawling, their height is average. The leaves are more dark green with a matte shade. When the bush starts to blossom, then on it appear small flowers of a bright white color. And the petals in them strongly bend to the bottom

Fourth, “Udachi” has excellent protection against various kinds of diseases and pests. Potatoes are not afraid of heat with drought, nor strong and long rains. In addition, all diseases pass by this variety

Fifth, the tubers are large in size rounded oval. Their skin is thin, a bit creamy white. Glazikov a bit and they are small. Pulp of white potatoes, and starch contains about fourteen percent

Sixth, the characteristics of “Udachi” are excellent. The taste is good. From such potatoes it is good to make mashed potatoes and in frying it is tasty

For truck farmers such a variety of potatoes is very valuable, because it is stored for a long time. The tubers are not attacked by rot

Potato variety Luck

If the potato is subjected to some kind of mechanical damage, then it does not suffer much from this. This place on the club does not change its color

“Luck” sort. Specificity of its breeding Potatoes of this variety, like all others, are sorted out before planting. Tubers, which are selected for seeds, are first germinated in a warm place. And then again they try to exclude the tubers with thin sprouts

They are in no way suitable for planting. Potatoes are planted in the open ground at the end of April or early May. This will depend on climatic and weather conditions

If the earth is dense in your garden, it is better to plant the tubers in the places where the winter plants used to grow, the grasses are perennial. It can also be planted after legumes. And in sandy soil this variety will grow better after lupine. The scheme for planting potatoes is sixty to thirty-five centimeters. Holes do need to depth about twelve centimeters

You have to take care of potatoes all the time. To do this, loosen the soil under the bushes, timely watered. And also weed, removing weeds. So in the end you will be able to collect a good and high-quality harvest of potato variety “Luck”.

Potato variety “Luck”