Potato variety “Adretta”

Potato variety “Adretta”

In Russia, potatoes have long been considered the second bread. Therefore, in the kitchen gardens and suburban areas there is always a place for this vegetable. Potatoes belong to the genus Solanaceae, it is to some extent whimsical

So you can not just plant it and wait for the harvest. This vegetable will have to be groomed to get a harvest. It will be necessary to conduct a battle with the Colorado beetle, which constantly overcomes summer residents. Be sure to hive bushes is necessary, as well as to remove weeds

Description of the potato variety Today, potatoes are not only with blue eyes, but also has a skin of pink, yellow and even purple. Adretta was bred about twenty years ago. It was brought out by German breeders, who produced this excitement in the world selection

Potato variety Adretta

As before, yellow potatoes were grown for feed to pets, because they did not have very good taste qualities. But after a while the gourmets had a meal, and so the variety became popular among gardeners. And on the tables of many people you can find boiled potatoes or mashed potatoes made from the grade Adretta

Breeders then brought out some more varieties with yellow flesh, but this one still holds the lead, as many have positive characteristics, and the taste is excellent.

Variety Adrett and his agricultural technology

Many truck farmers facilitated their work when they began to grow Adrettu on their own plot. Because this potato has excellent agrotechnical characteristics:

    He does not care about leaving. To weather conditions has a certain stability. Diseases and pests do not do him much damage. The yield of potatoes is simply excellent.

This variety belongs to the medium-early variety, so it can be planted in the early spring, after the snow melts and the soil warms up. Basically, this period falls at the end of April and the beginning of May. But the whole period of ripening and growing plants, truck farmers are watching to water and remove weeds from the bushes in time. And they also constantly process potatoes from the Colorado potato beetle

The ripening period comes from sixty to eighty days. This vegetable will be available at the end of June or in the first half of July. But if you need to collect the whole harvest, then this must be done in late August or early September. Because completely tubers will mature in this period. As they say in Russia: “Chickens believe in the fall”

The tubers are not kept in the ground for more than this period. Otherwise there will be rotting them, and the taste will change for the worse. In one bush of potatoes can be about ten tubers. And from a hectare it is possible to collect forty tons of a crop

Potato storage In addition, excellent quality is considered that this variety is not bad in the winter storage. And throughout the winter you will eat a good vegetable that does not rot, and does not lose its taste qualities with time. Although a small percentage of rot is present

Adretta not bad tolerates low temperatures, so even with the freezing of tubers, their taste will not change. And even a sweet taste will not. Potatoes in Russian cuisine

Potato variety Adretta

Potatoes Adretta can be used as a side dish to meat dishes, and as the main food. For example, fried potatoes with mushrooms. In addition, in soups, a pickle and a borsch it will be ideally suited

Potato casserole from this variety is simply excellent. As it contains not only taste, but also vitamins. It has B6, which supports glycogen in the body and activates the work of muscles. There are also carbohydrates in the pulp of potatoes. Which help a long time to maintain stamina. Also in it there are substances that charity act on the heart system.

Potato variety “Adretta”