Potato varieties

Potato variety “Adretta”

In Russia, potatoes have long been considered the second bread. Therefore, in the kitchen gardens and suburban areas there is always a place for this vegetable. Potatoes belong to the genus Solanaceae, […]

Potato variety “Nevsky”

Potatoes, firmly entered the menu of everyday life and holidays. Without it, practically, there is not a single day. Therefore, it is clear how important the harvest is of this vegetable. Truck […]

Potato variety “Skarb”

Among vegetables, potatoes are considered the most popular. Since every house it is consumed daily. Today there are many varieties of potatoes, so gardeners to choose a variety fit thoroughly The main […]

Potato variety “Impala”

Every farmer wants to grow an excellent harvest, which for him will become a pride, potatoes are one of the most popular vegetables in many countries. Therefore it is not surprising that […]

Early potato varieties

Early varieties of potatoes enable the truck farmer to harvest 2 to 3 crops per season. Thanks to the achievements of breeders, today there is a whole range of varieties. They do […]

Variety of potatoes “Gala”

Every gardener-gardener dreams that all the crops planted on the site, delivered as little as possible trouble. That is, they quickly grew, less hurt, staunchly endured all the negative weather conditions and […]

Potato variety “Uladar”

Potatoes, like bread whole head. We do not imagine our life without this tuber culture. Potatoes are eaten as an independent dish, and it is included in many recipes Growing a good […]

Potato variety “Rosary”

Potatoes are one of the most popular vegetables in our country. Every gardener planting it on his plot of land. What is not surprising, because potatoes have good taste, it is very […]

Variety of potatoes “Bellarosa”

Without exaggeration, we can say that the potato is the most frequent guest in our plates. Each hostess knows dozens of recipes from this root vegetable. But even the most experienced gardener […]

Potato variety Rocco

Potatoes are a vegetable that was once brought to our continent. Since that moment, not one hundred years have passed, but its relevance has still not diminished. Potatoes are eaten around the […]

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