Planting wild strawberry in spring

Planting wild strawberry in spring

Planting wild strawberry in spring

The best time to plant strawberries on your own land is the early spring, when the weather was warm enough on the street, but the weather was not yet hot, and the land did not have time to dry out from the melted snow

The technique of preparing the soil for planting Before you start planting, you need to prepare the soil. Plant young, well-rooted plants in a warm, moist, well-loosened and leveled soil. The experience of gardeners shows that on medium loamy, well-sprinkled soils, strawberries grow at times better than clay and sandy soils. The dug, well-loosened land should be freed from any weeds and fertilized with compost or manure, at a rate of not less than 10 kilograms per square meter

Preparatory pre-planting works should be carried out 10 days before planting, as the soil before planting strawberries should be given a little rest. Experienced gardeners before planting strawberries also practice the mulching of the soil – a process that covers the soil with a special mulchmaterial

Mulching is not an obligatory process, therefore, lacking the means to purchase the mulch material, this procedure can be abandoned. As a mulch material, gardeners use a reberoid, a dark or translucent photorefractive film, as well as other materials at hand. The soil intended for mulching is divided into sections, up to 2 meters in size. Between the sections are laid 35-centimeter tracks, after which the soil is moistened and left for a while to dry out

As soon as the soil dries it must be loosened, the roofing material must be laid on top, then cover its edges with earth, or with a roofing material covering the tracks. In a securely fixed roofing material, holes are made, with a diameter of 10 centimeters each. In the formed holes are planted young strawberry bushes. Number and layout of holes depends on the chosen design of the strawberry beds

As already mentioned, instead of roofing material, you can use any other material, including conifers, branches of spruce, peat, sawdust and straw. The mulching procedure is the same, in addition, the needles harvested after harvesting from the bed can be poured with a solution of potassium permanganate and stored for at least 5 years, using for each spring

Preparation of seedlings From the manipulations carried out with respect to the planted material, its further survival, the growth rate and the number of fruits depend, so before planting strawberries into the soil it is necessary to treat its roots with a solution of hyperauxin, which is a stimulator of higher order growth. For processing, you need 1.5 liters of water and 1 tablet of hyperauxin

Dilute the tablet in warm water, warmed to room temperature. In the prepared solution put the roots of strawberries for at least 4-5 hours, and only then proceed to disembark. It is also permissible to process the roots of plants with various rooting agents that promote the rapid development of a powerful root system

Planting Seedlings For planting strawberries it is necessary to prepare a hole with a diameter of up to 20 and a depth of up to 30 centimeters. A bush with an extensive root system requires a large fovea, where it would be possible to lay not only the roots themselves, but also the fertilizer

After planting, the well with the seedlings should be watered abundantly with fresh water. If the seedling has an insufficiently developed root system, several bushes can be planted in one well. When planting several strawberry varieties at the same time, it is advisable to draw up a preliminary planting scheme, which allows further harvesting in accordance with the variety

Disembarkation of seedlings must be carried out exclusively in cloudy or rainy weather, in this case, the spring planting of plants will have a positive effect.

Planting wild strawberry in spring