Planting strawberries in spring

Planting strawberries in spring

Strawberries are loved by representatives of all generations. Not a single country plot can not do without this berry. However, in order to get a big harvest every year, you need to know how to plant strawberries in the spring.

Planting strawberries in spring

Choosing the soil

That the berry, planted in the spring period, has got accustomed, it is necessary to approach carefully to a choice of soil. Strawberries love the sun. Therefore, you should choose a bright, not waterlogged area. Do not plant the plant 2 times in a row in the same place. The site should be changed.

Strawberry is well established on the place where cruciferous rose earlier – peas, parsley, beans, garlic. To the type of soil, strawberry is unpretentious. However, it should be checked for pests.

Seedling choice

If you plan to plant strawberries for the first time, then you should not experiment. 70 – 80% of the material that is planned to be planted should be tested varieties. The rest is in plants that are planted for testing.

The risk of plant death is reduced if one prefers regionalized types of strawberries. In the spring, it is necessary to plant the already matured plants that have survived the winter. They are best suited and will be able to give a plentiful harvest the next year.

If the gardener plans to purchase ready-made seedlings, the plant should be preferred with shiny, leathery leaves that have a rich green pigment.

There should be no spots or speckles of any size on the leaves of the seedlings. Their presence indicates the diseases of strawberries. Such seedlings are not suitable for further cultivation. They can die or will bring a small harvest.

Planting strawberries in spring

If strawberries have already been grown earlier, then the seedlings can be obtained from the whiskers of already existing plants. The choice should fall on the most abundant fruiting bush. When he lets his mustache, you should leave 3 – 5 pieces, and the others cut off.

We need to let them take root. When the first large leaves of the new bush appear, it must be excavated and transplanted to a new location. Only those plants that have at least 3 green stems without spots should give preference.

With proper care, a new bush of strawberries is able to harvest in the year of planting. Most flowers should be removed, leaving on the bush no more than 1 – 2 berries. The procedure is to ensure that the young strawberries managed to take root well and take root in a new place.

The planting process

Planting seedlings of strawberries on the open ground should be made closer to the evening or in cloudy weather, when the sun is absent. Plants planted in spring in hot weather can die before they can take root.

Before landing on a previously excavated site, fertilizer is applied. The roots of strawberry seedlings should be treated with a weak solution of salt and manganese, placing the plants in a container with it for 20 – 25 minutes. Then you need to rinse the strawberries with water.

Roots should be shortened to a length of 5 to 8 cm, then carefully straighten and place the seedlings in shallow holes. The bushes should remain in an upright position after the planting procedure. The roots should be sprinkled with earth. In this case, the root neck should be at the soil level. Then the soil next to the seedlings should be compacted and the plants should be watered abundantly.

Planting strawberries in spring

The distance between individual bushes should be at least 18 – 25 cm, and between individual rows of plants – 60 – 70 cm. If the strawberry is grown in the lowland, then the seedlings should be planted on the beds.

Their width should be at least 55 cm, and the distance between the bushes is not less than 15 cm. Plants are planted in 2 rows. Between the beds there must be paths that are at least 30 cm wide.

Planting strawberries in spring