Planting seedlings in the open ground

Planting seedlings in the open ground

Planting seedlings in the open ground

Each summer resident uses his methods and technology of planting crops on his site. Someone planted seedlings, someone sows seeds, grows them in a greenhouse, and then transfers the seedlings to the open ground. Today we will talk about street planting.

How to plant seedlings in the open ground?

Planting seedlings in the open ground

Of course, planting plants in the ground with the help of seedlings makes it possible to get the crop much faster. Before transplantation and after it, follow a series of recommendations, written below. Before planting seedlings in the open ground, it is necessary that they pass the hardening period

If the seedlings grow in small greenhouses, then they need to open for daytime, and to close at night. For large greenhouses and greenhouses – this is also true if your seedlings were planted in such conditions. For those who raised it at home, you also need to lower the temperature: take out on the balcony, open the windows

The main thing is to make sure that your seedlings can not freeze. The temperature in the greenhouse or at home should not be below 5-8 degrees. Gradually increase the time of seedlings in the open air. First it’s only a couple of hours, and then leave it for the whole day

Before the young plants are planted on the street, they are reduced by watering. The soil should not be over-dried, but too moist it should not be desirable

All actions with seedlings do only in accordance with the lunar landing calendar. This will increase many times the probability of obtaining a good harvest

Seedlings after the landing must be fed. For watering the seedlings, you can use a solution of potassium chloride, also suitable urea. If you do not like mineral, chemical fertilizers, then replace them with organics such as chicken manure, manure. To feed the seedlings you need, by watering at the root of the plant, avoiding falling on the leaves, but if the fertilizer gets to the aboveground part, it can burn it

Seedlings are planted at a time when the threat of frost has passed. This can be learned from the weather forecasts in the region.

What kind of seedling can be transplanted into the open ground?

Planting seedlings in the open ground

There is nothing complicated in the answer to this question. You can understand the terms on the packaging, and the appearance of the seedlings: cucumbers have 3-4 real leaves and they can already be transplanted, tomatoes, eggplants, peppers must have at least 8-10 true leaves (some can even blossom), cabbage must be 5-6 leaves (they can already start to twist)

If we talk about the technology of planting, it is similar in some cultures. Pepper is put in staggered order at a distance of 30 cm. Tomatoes and cucumbers in rows with a distance of 17 – 18 cm between seedlings. Squash, like pepper – in a checkerboard pattern, only with a difference in distance, squash need 70 cm. Peking cabbage – in checkerboard pattern at a distance of 10 cm. Beans in rows, between seedlings – 3 cm

Planting should not be carried out in hot weather, preferably in cloudy weather. In the morning or evening. After all, having planted unprotected seedlings in open ground, you paint to get burns on the leaves from direct sunlight. If the seedlings are in boxes, then it is advisable to carefully remove the seedlings, without violating the root system, shed them in advanceWhen planting seedlings in the ground, you should tamp the soil tightly. Due to the fact that the air should not penetrate to the roots, otherwise there is a risk of rotting and death of the plant. Shade seedlings in the early daysBe sure to soil should be wet, watering in the morning or evening. In no case can not bring to a strong dryness, but there should not be an overabundance of moisture. After watering, experts recommend to loosen the earth around the plants, thereby giving the roots the opportunity to breathe

That’s all our recommendations. They will help you not make mistakes and lead to the desired result.

Planting seedlings in the open ground