Planting potatoes and caring for them

Planting potatoes and caring for them

Planting potatoes and caring for them

Potatoes or simple potatoes are one of the most common crops not only in Russia, but all over the world. Potatoes were brought to our country, and since then we do not know how people used to live without this culture. So today let’s talk about planting a tuber

Potatoes. General information There are about 5 thousand varieties, and they are divided into types:

    early maturing; mid-ripening; late-ripening.

It is grown mainly in the territory where there is a moderate or warm climate. But also does not leave without a crop and inhabitants of northern regions. Almost every gardener with a large and even a small plot grows potatoes, but according to his specific technology (although, in general, it is one) and different methods. After all, everyone has their secrets

Also taken into account is the soil, somewhere it is sandy, or clay or chernozem. In each selected a certain variety, for a better harvest.

Potatoes: planting and preparation

Planting potatoes and caring for them

Preparing the land for planting potatoes is done in the autumn, although there are gardeners who consider this a waste of time, but this is a mistake

In October, we should weed the area from the weeds, thereby reducing their distribution in the next year, it is possible to loosen or dig up the earth without crushing it, and not even leaving it in the form of ridges. Also before excavation it is possible to fertilize manure, from the calculation of a bucket for 1 square meter

Further preparation continues in the spring, due to the fact that the land has remained uneven, it will absorb snowmelt better, it will not be too hard and warm up more quickly. At the end of April, the area will dry up, you need to ground the ground or dig it up and crush it, then everything will be ready for planting

Potatoes can be planted with seeds, but the most common and convenient method is, of course, tubers. To prepare the seed material, you need to choose a good, not rotten, not affected by other diseases or pests, potato, about the size of a chicken egg

It is desirable to store the seeds in the basement, and to get them 3 weeks before planting, so that they warm up, and there are small sprouts, then the shoots will be earlier and better. Landing in our country, as a rule, it has already become a tradition, is made for the May holidays

Potatoes are planted at a depth of 10 cm, while the distance should be about 30 cm between each other, and the distance between the rows of 50 – 60 cm. When the shoots appear, weed should be weeded out by weeding; otherwise, this policy will negatively affect the growth of potatoes

When the tops rise about 20 cm above the ground, it must necessarily be bored, it is done by embankment on both sides of the bush. This is necessary to ensure that the root system develops better and to prevent sunlight from falling on young tubers, otherwise they will turn green, indicating that they contain poison – solanine

Of course, in addition to weeding an important stage is the struggle with the Colorado beetle. It is carried out 2-3 times for the whole period of vegetation. This parasite should be monitored regularly, otherwise you will not see the harvest

Rains can blur the mounds of earth and appear a hard crust on the soil, so it is recommended to hike at least 2 times. Also, if the season turns out to be arid, it should be watered, but do not fill the bushes, about a bucket of water for 2 to 3 bushes. When the potato tops wither, it’s time to harvest, which depends on good attention and care in the growing process.

Planting potatoes and caring for them