Planting pepper on seedlings

Planting pepper on seedlings

When the snow has not yet fallen outside the window, many gardeners are already beginning to think about when to start planting peppers on seedlings. After all, the pledge of a good harvest is the best seeds, from which you will get a wonderful seedling, and then harvest.

How to choose the seeds of pepper?

From good seeds, the quantity and quality of your harvest will depend in the future. When choosing one should follow several rules

Determine the shape and color of the peppers you want to grow. It is barrel-shaped, conical, and also green to dark brown

Planting pepper on seedlings

Landing material should be bought only by well-known manufacturers who value their reputation. Refuse to purchase seeds of an unknown company

Buy seeds in specialized stores, where the storage conditions and terms of implementation are observed

When buying colorful packaging does not always guarantee the quality, the packaging can be without any image, but should be of high-quality paper, stitched together, clear text

Pay attention to the expiration date, it should be indicated on each package

You need to buy seeds that are the most resistant to your climatic belt. For example, in colder climates it is better to buy early varieties that will ripen over a short summer period.

When to plant pepper seedlings?

Sowing pepper will depend on the variety. Different varieties ripen in different ways, up to one hundred and fifty days. You can calculate the time of landing yourself. To do this, you must decide on the date of planting the seedlings in the soil, for example, it will be the fifteenth of May

The seedlings are planted in the ground when they reach the age of sixty to eighty days, we will take the middle of this value. Hence, the seeds must be planted from the fifth to the seventh of March. Note that before planting the seeds still need to be processed and soaked.

Soil preparation and seedling capacity

There are two options for deciding which soil is needed to plant pepper

The first option is to purchase a ready-made substrate in a specialized store specifically for cultivating pepper seedlings

The second option is to prepare the substrate yourself for this you need the following ratio:

    sod land (two parts); peat (one part); river sand (one part);

Also it is necessary to add fertilizers with the calculation for the bucket of the finished mixture:

    a glass of ash 40 grams of superphosphate; 15 grams of potassium sulfate; 15 grams of urea.

Such a substrate is ideal for pepper seedling. Also you need to decide on the container in which you will plant the seeds of pepper. It can be:

    wooden boxes; peat pots; peat cassettes; cassettes made of PVC; used cups from sour cream; pots of plastic bottles.

Preparation of seeds for planting and planting

Planting pepper on seedlings

Planting pepper on seedlings

Planting pepper on seedlings

Before planting, the planting material must be treated. To do this, seeds must be soaked for five hours in warm water, where you need to add a little manganese. Manganese should be added to the water before the formation of water in a pink color, this procedure will save seeds from all sorts of germs

Then you need to take a shallow container, put a paper towel on the bottom on this napkin to put out the soaked seeds of pepper

A napkin needs to be slightly moistened, and the container is covered with a transparent cellophane sachet to hold the moisture. In five days the seeds will start to germinate. This method is convenient because the germination capacity will be 100%

Then these seeds should be carefully laid out in a prepared for planting container with a primer and top about a centimeter with a layer covered with moist soil. In five days you can already observe the boring of pepper.

Planting pepper on seedlings