Planting of tomatoes on sprouts

Planting of tomatoes on sprouts

Many gardeners have been starting a planting season since March. The planting of tomatoes for seedlings begins. It seems to some beginner farmers that it is not difficult to grow seedlings by their own hands – this is even a fascinating process. To do this, you just need three things and a little time.

    Selection of seeds; Container for seedlings; Land for planting.

Seed selection

Initially, you need to decide on the choice of variety, as tomatoes are divided into tall and low-growing varieties. Tall as they are also called indeterminate, they differ in unlimited growth, constantly bloom and bear fruit. But their cultivation depends on the climatic belt, if you do not live in the southern climatic zone, then such open ground tomatoes will not work, as the maturation period for such a variety begins from one hundred and tenth day

But dwarf (determinant) varieties of tomato will be suitable even for the average climatic zone, such varieties begin to ripen, starting from the eightieth day from the emergence of sprouts

Also, when buying seeds, you may notice that the tomatoes differ in their size and shape. Some varieties can be huge sizes of other small ones. If you want to grow a large amount of tomato in a short period, then you should pay attention to the short stature varieties

Tomatoes are also divided into varietal and hybrids. Of course, if you do not intend to collect the seeds with a tomato for further cultivation, then it is better to purchase the seeds of a hybrid tomato. They are marked on the package with F1

All varieties differ in type:

    flavoring qualities; early maturity; productivity; resistance to disease; by the nature of growth;

When to plant tomato seeds on seedlings?

After you have decided on the variety, it is necessary to determine the time of planting. If you chose tall tomato varieties, they can be planted in February, as they mature longer. Low-grown varieties should be planted in March

A favorable day for planting in 2016 according to the lunar calendar will be the period from the twelfth to the thirteenth of March and from the sixteenth to the seventeenth of March. That is, if you plant the seeds on the twelfth of March, then it will be possible to plant them in the soil from the eleventh of May.

Soil Preparation for Tomato Seedling

Of course, you can buy a mixture of land for seedlings and in the store, but you can also make it yourself. This will require soddy and humus soil, mixed in equal proportions

In order for the soil to be more fluffy, peat or sawdust is added to the mixture. It is also possible to make soil for seedlings from one part of the chernozem, one part of the soil and one part of the sand, and for the looseness of the soil add a little vermiculite.

Preparing the seeds for planting

Planting of tomatoes on sprouts

First, the seeds are discarded, removing the damaged or dry seeds. Then the selected tomato seeds should be soaked in a solution of manganese. For this, manganese must be diluted in warm water until light pink. Seeds should lie in such a solution for about half an hour, then the seeds are mixed on a tissue for germination

To do this, you need to wet a piece of cloth on one side of the tissue to put the seeds, and cover the seeds with the other end of the tissue. Then put a rag in the container and cover with glass or transparent plastic film. Three days later, you can start planting tomatoes in the ground

Planting of tomatoes on sprouts

Containers for planting tomato seeds

Planting of tomatoes on sprouts

For planting we take a container in which we will grow seedlings. These can be wooden boxes, plastic cassettes or simply cut plastic bottles. Ideal option for planting will be cups with an inserted bottom. Then, when transplanting seedlings into the ground, it is enough to press the bottom of the bottom of the glass and the seedlings are easily pulled out.

Planting tomato seeds

In the container we pour the prepared earth, then we moisten the earth a little. In the middle of the cup in the ground with a match we make a groove and carefully put a tomato seed in it, sprinkle the soil, moisten the earth a little. Cover the cups with a transparent plastic wrap and leave it for the first gatherings that will soon emerge.

Planting of tomatoes on sprouts