Planting carrots in spring

Planting carrots in spring

Planting carrots in spring

Carrots are a storehouse of vitamins, macro and microelements. Even as a child, we were told that we ate a beautiful carrot for visual acuity. About it puzzles are built, without it there is not a single soup and many more dishes

To grow carrots on your home plot, you need to stock up on its seeds, make a couple of tools for a more convenient sowing and then just properly care for the seedlings. Noteworthy is the fact that carrots are one of the most recent vegetables that we clean from the beds in the fall. Even small frosts are not frightening to her, on the contrary, the more carrots you clean, the better it will be stored in winter

Planting carrots in the spring To sow carrots, you need a lot of seeds. To buy them is not a problem. But the problem for beginners is often that the seeds are very small, they easily fly off during the landing, even after a slight breeze blow, yes, and put them one at a time – it’s very, very laborious, and just pouring means to doom yourself to a long and heavy picks

But this problem is easily solved:

    firstly, because in our days there are special adaptations-seeders for carrots; secondly, such an adaptation can be done on your own.

Planting carrots in spring

To make a seed drill with your own hands, you will need a simple plastic bottle. In her lid, you need to make holes, then put seeds inside. Additionally they can be mixed with sand. That’s all

That the beds were even and at the same distance from each other, use a special marker. It is very similar to a wooden rake. You can also use simple boards for both the formation of row and row spacing. They should not be less than 15-20 cm

Planting carrots in spring

Advice! Check the seeds before planting for germination. This will save you from unwanted results

Sowing is carried out when the temperature has already set at least 15-18 degrees on the street. The soil should be loose, slightly moist, but not wet and dirty. Depth 2 cm

After the carrots are sown, the area is filled with earth and compacted.

Carrot care after sowing

Carrot seeds do not like neighborhood with weeds. Therefore, even if the seedlings have not yet ascended, and on the site here and there the grass has come out, it must be immediately eliminated. When the carrot has risen, she needs a good watering, which will accompany her throughout the vegetation period

Lack of moisture leads to the fact that the root becomes dry, crooked, it appears cracks, and carrots do not gain weight. Especially important is watering, when root crops actively gain weight. After each moistening, the soil needs to be loosened, otherwise the yield will be uneven, but deformed in different directions

After the seedlings gave 2-3 real leaves, spend the first picking at a distance of 3 cm from each other. If you pre-planted rarely, then this stage you miss. After the seedlings have grown up, spend the second picking at a distance of 6-8 cm from each other. At this stage, you can dive further, or you’ll have to make another layout

Carrots should not be cramped, otherwise it twists together, and it is inconvenient to process it. Lure. Carrots like fertilizers, but can grow well without them. If you decide to feed your seedlings, then you can use ashes, nitrophosphate, urea, potassium nitrate. Fertilizers are applied 2-3 times. First time fed 3-4 weeks after sowing. Second time – after 1.5-2 months

Root crops are removed when the autumn has fully entered into its rights. You can store carrots in sand, in sawdust, in tightly tied bags. In this case, the place is a cellar or a refrigerator. Carrots can also be rubbed and stored in a freezer. A great way to save time on cooking.

Planting carrots in spring