Planting apple trees in spring

Planting apple trees in spring

With the advent of spring, the owners of summer cottages begin to think about increasing the list of perennial plants in the garden. Many people want to get an apple tree, which for many years will please the whole family with an abundant harvest. However, in order for the plant to take root, it is necessary to approach the planting carefully

Planting apple trees in spring

The time to start the work The advantages of planting an apple tree in the spring is that the plant will be able to grow stronger before the winter. It will be much easier for him to endure the coming cold weather

Planting apple trees in spring should occur until the moment when buds begin to appear on the plants. Due to a sharp increase in temperature, plants may lose their properties. For this reason, the planting of apple trees in spring should be carried out in mid-April

In regions where it is warming up later, landing should be postponed until May. You should not wait for the period when the juice will start moving and the snow will completely come down. A young apple can simply not have enough moisture and it will die. In a land where there is a lot of moisture, the seedling is easier to take root

Preparation of a site for planting A site for planting apple trees should be selected along the perimeter of the garden. Next to the chosen area should be located other plants. They will be able to protect the seedling from the cold winds

Mail, which is dominated by clay, is not suitable for the growth and development of apple trees. It does not let moisture pass. The plant will wither or even die. To prevent this from happening, a hill, 0.8 m high

As a soil for it, a compost heap or sand with peat is suitable. If there are groundwater near the surface, bricks should be placed on the bottom of the pit. Otherwise, the roots of the apple tree will grow on the surface, and the plant will wither

Planting apple trees in spring

The selected site should be prepared a week before planting

To get the apple tree, it should be:

    Prepare a pit with a total depth of 70 cm; If necessary, a drainage system should be organized; In the center of the pit, you need to set a stake that will rise above the ground by 30-40 cm. The part that will be underground must be burned first. In this case, it will not be exposed to the rotting process and will last much longer; The soil that was extracted from the pit should be mixed with peat or manure. He should be in time to perepret. The mixture will serve as an excellent top dressing for apple trees for several years; Fill the pit with a mixture. A small hill must rise above the surface; The earth should be moistened abundantly.

Planting seedlings The choice of material for planting in the spring should be approached carefully. It is better to take root 2-year-old apple trees, 60-70 cm high. There should be 3 shoots on the selected seedling. Annual apple trees also take root well. The root of the seedling should have 3 branches. If the shoots were damaged, they should be cut off

Having decided to plant an apple tree in the spring, the gardener should:

    A few hours before the planned planting time, place the rhizome of the plant in water; It is necessary to excavate the hole so that the entire root system of the plant is freely placed in it; The apple tree should be sloughed by neatly spreading the root system around the entire perimeter of the hole; The plant should be watered with warm water; Without waiting until the moisture has absorbed into the soil, the roots of the apple should be sprinkled with earth; After waiting a little while, the ground around the seedlings should be slightly tamped; Planted plant should be tied to a prepared support.

Water the plant should be until the soil does not stop absorbing moisture. Usually it takes about 40 liters of water. Then, for 7 days, the apple tree is not drunk

Planting apple trees in spring

The junction of the trunk and rhizome should rise 4 to 5 cm above the ground.

Planting apple trees in spring