Pig breeds

Large black pigs

If you decide to do pig farming, then it’s worth paying attention to such a breed as a large black one. It is famous for its universality, i. e. represented by the […]

Mirgorodskaya breed of pigs

The Mirgorod breed began its history back in 1940 in the Poltava region. Then she was recognized as independent. The breed has a meat and meat purpose. The breed is distinguished by […]

Large white breed of pigs

1851 was marked by the registration of a new breed of pigs, which is called large white. It happened in England. Over the breed for many years worked a well-known livestock breeder. […]

Livenskaya breed of pigs

The breed began its full-fledged existence since 1949. It was developed as a universal one. And in 1953, a livestock specialist who brought her out, was awarded the Stalin Prize of the […]

Estonian breed of pigs

The history of this breed originates in 1961. Then, as a result of crossing large white pigs with European long-haired and landrace, a new breed – Estonian – was bred. This breed […]

The breed of pigs “Hungarian mangalitsa”

Archduke of the Hungarian Kingdom Josef in 1830 received a sumptuous gift from a prince named Milos Obrenovic. The gift was a herd of pigs, consisting of 10 queens and two boars. […]

Pigs of Mirgorodskaya breed

As a new Myrhorod breed, the work of breeders from Poltava was approved in 1940. As the main population groups for breeding, females of the Ukrainian short-haired pigs were taken, and males […]

Pig breed of pigs

The breed Pietren was formed in the early twentieth century in Belgium. It was deduced by means of reproductive cross. For crossing, native pigs, Yorkshire and other breeds were used. The presented […]

Estonian bacon swine

This breed appeared in Estonia in the middle of the last century. This is the result of crossing German white boars and local sows. A breed was created to obtain bacon Advantages […]

Pig breed “Mangal”

The breed “Mangal” was derived by the method of crossing the classic breed of pigs with a wild boar. The appearance of the animal is unusual and original. The breed is in […]

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