Pig breeding

Fast fattening of pigs

A full-value diet plays an essential role in the development of the entire organism of the animal and its individual organs, especially the organs of the digestive system. Feeds for pigs are […]

How to feed pigs correctly

A person who has strictly decided to engage in pig farming, must, to the smallest detail, think through everything, prepare a “foundation” for his future business. But, it remains to be understood […]

Hybridization in pigs

Hybridization is the process of crossing within the breed, and sometimes between different breeds. With the help of hybridization breeders and breeders try to breed new breeds, more advanced ones. Usually, the […]

How is the meat fattening of pigs produced?

For the technology that provides meat fattening, pigs of the most diverse breeds and constitution of the body are suitable. Begin this fattening when the pig reaches a three-month age. The duration […]

Castration of boars and its need for breeding pigs

When breeding pigs can not do without such a procedure as castration. By castration (chilling) is meant the procedure necessary to stop the activity of the glands of sexual secretion. Most often […]

Premises for pigs

The main requirement, which is necessarily presented to the premises where the pigs are kept, should be warm and dry. Especially for this purpose, the moisture-proofness of the ceiling and the strong […]

Basic aspects of breeding in pigs

Mankind has been using selection since the very moment when the first animal was domesticated. Successfully applying hereditary variability, a man selected and created all breeds of domestic animals and birds. Selection […]

Bacon fattening pigs and the peculiarity of its periods

Bacon is a highly nutritious product, representing pork, which was separated and salted according to a special technology. For the bacon, the carcasses take 7 month old piglets. In the carcasses when […]

Interesting facts about pigs

In our conversational speech, to call someone a pig, is considered an insult, but it was not always so. In Greek, the word pig is pronounced “gyus”, which in translation means “sacrifice”. […]

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