Pig breed “Ukrainian Steppe White”

Pig breed “Ukrainian Steppe White”

Pig breed Ukrainian Steppe White

The breed was bred in the Kherson region of Ukraine. This is the only Ukrainian breed. It enjoys great popularity throughout the country due to good indicators of the mass of meat and fat. It is a hybrid of English white breed and local sows

Advantages of the breed Ukrainian steppe white. Thanks to the crossing of two breeds, this breed has quite a lot of advantages, taken from the ancestors. From white English pigs, the Ukrainian steppe took high precocity and a good meat mass. From compatriots they got good adaptability and a high proportion of high-quality and tender fat. The largest representative of this breed weighed 423 kilograms! On average, the weight of an adult boar is just over 300 kilograms, and sows – up to 250

With such a good weight, the pigs are good at digesting feeds with low nutritional content. This allows you to keep them even in difficult conditions. Such gastronomic unpretentiousness is quite advantageous for farmers, since it allows to produce minimal costs for food, receiving a large amount of meat in a short time

Adaptive qualities of this breed allow keeping pigs in the most difficult conditions. This is especially convenient for arid regions of Ukraine, where they were withdrawn. Cultivation in the steppe zone simplifies and adaptability to pasture maintenance

Content and feeding of the breed. As already mentioned, the pigs of the Ukrainian steppe white breed are completely unpretentious in food. This allows them to grow in completely different farms. They grow well and gain weight on combined cereals. Also, a good addition to the main food will be a juicy plant food, which is a source of vitamins. Juicy feed for sows is especially useful, this will ensure the birth of healthy offspring

The pig’s contents of this breed are not at all pretentious. They have enough of the usual base for a paddock and a warm enclosure, in which they will spend the winter. It is necessary to ventilate the room on a regular basis, especially at the time of the year when animals walk a little. Airing will allow them to breathe fresh air, which is also important for good development. However, you should be careful when ventilating the room with a sow and young animals, because at the age of up to 4 months the pigs are prone to diseases

Where is the breed used? Initially, the goal of breeding this breed was to obtain hardy and early-ripened individuals with a good living mass. This was perfectly done by the breeder, because the meat of pigs of this breed has a good taste, it is tender enough and juicy because of the good fat content

Besides meat, this breed is also a source of excellent fat, which is valued not only in Ukraine, but also in other countries. Smalets and lard have excellent taste qualities, which make the breed in high demand

In addition, the breed is actively used as paternal breeds in breeding new species.

Pig breed “Ukrainian Steppe White”