Picking tomatoes

Picking tomatoes

Picking tomatoes

Tomatoes are one of the most popular vegetables in our country. Love them and around the world, which is not surprising. After all, tomatoes have a lot of useful substances in their composition, can be used both raw in food, and in the form of various pastes, canned food, sauces and other

Each summer resident of our country considers it his duty to plant the most important vegetables on their backyard. And, of course, there can not be no tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and cabbage

This article will deal with such a topic as picking tomatoes. For experienced summer residents, we will not open anything new, but for those who first decided to start planting their own seedlings, the information will be necessary.

Planting of tomatoes on sprouts

Picking tomatoes

Before diving tomatoes, they, naturally, need to be planted. On the seedlings this culture begins to be planted somewhere from February to March. But, who has the opportunity to put a heated greenhouse on the site, can plant seedlings in January. Why not sow the seeds of tomatoes in the first month of the new year to those who do not have a greenhouse? Everything is simple

The fact is that the first winter month has a very small light day. Seedlings can ascend, but in the future start to thin out, in search of light. That will gradually lead to its death. Also a lack of light can lead to the fact that the seedlings will be frail, easily exposed to disease, and after transplanting into the open ground, in general, stop their growth. Another important point is the refreshing

If you plant seedlings early, then be sure to take care of additional light sources. Then the seedlings can develop as needed, but here again there is a problem. Early planting in January will lead to the fact that seedlings until the moment of transplantation into the open ground will greatly outgrow

An important point! All work in the garden or garden, from planting to seedlings, picking, transplanting to open ground and so on, must be carried out according to the days of the lunar calendar. The gardener’s calendar has been compiled for many hundreds of years, it is still useful today

The days for planting are selected, the containers and the ground are prepared. It’s time to sow seedlings. Before planting, the seed material should be checked for germination, then pickled from diseases and soaked in nutrient soil. Next, landing. Sow seeds should be at a depth of 1-2 cm at a distance of 3-4 cm apart

The first shoots can appear in 7-10 days. After the 2-3 seedlings appeared on the seedlings, they need to be dived. Otherwise, the seedlings will have little room for good development, the roots will intertwine, which traumatizes them during the transplant.

Picking tomato bushes

Picking tomatoes

Before sowing, seedlings are well shed. This is necessary in order to make it easier to extract from the ground, and also to ensure that the plants are well saturated with moisture, become less fragile

Dive the seedlings in more loose containers at a distance of 8-10 cm from each other. If the container is deep, then the root does not go deep, which prevents the active development of the lateral roots, it needs to be slightly pinched. If the packaging is shallow, you do not need to do this

Before transplanting seedlings in a new soil, it must be shed from pests and diseases. For this you can use a solution of manganese or shop drugs

Dive the seedlings, holding on to the leaves. It is due to the fact that if a leaf breaks in tender plants, then the seedling will not die, and if the stem breaks, there will not be any more sense

After the picking is done, the seedlings need to be well moistened. This is necessary in order that they are better adopted, as well as to ensure that all the lumps inside the container soften and distribute between the roots

If one time is not enough for picking, and the seedlings will have little space, and before landing in the ground is still far away, then it is possible to carry out a second pick. It is worth noting that tomatoes are very easy to tolerate all manipulations, so that worry about that they do not take, it’s not worth it

That’s all there is to know about the picks. Do it necessary, otherwise you can not wait for a strong seedling and a good harvest.

Picking tomatoes