Pheasant breeds

Silver Pheasants

In Indochina and southern China, there are more than 10 subspecies of silver pheasant. Silver prefers to choose for its habitat forests, thickets of bamboo and shrubs. Since the XVI century, silver […]

Hunting pheasants

Most poultry farmers involved in breeding pheasants choose a hunting subspecies, which is a hybrid. These birds are considered the most widespread and popular among farmers, hunters, poultry-lovers, not only in our […]

Diamond pheasants

Diamond, or floral, pheasant began to spread throughout the world from England, where, originally, came from India. The birthplace of the diamond pheasant is China. In the wild, this bird chooses bamboo […]

Japanese pheasants

In nature, several species of Japanese pheasants are common. They are also called motley pheasants or colorful, Indian or green. This bird is found on Japanese islands. In addition, these pheasants were […]

Golden Pheasants

Golden pheasant first appeared in China, where he settles in the bamboo thickets, because of what it is difficult to meet. You can see it when he picks up the remaining grain […]

Ordinary pheasants

Ordinary pheasant refers to the Asian species, which is ubiquitous throughout the world. These birds have long been domesticated and are widely used for hunting Description The head of an ordinary pheasant […]

Eared pheasants

Eared pheasants belong to the family of pheasant. In nature there are only 4 species. This breed of pheasants is widespread in China. These birds are the largest representatives of the family. […]

Peacock Pheasants

This bird belongs to the family of pheasant. Peacock pheasants differ from other species in their small size. Birds have plumage from light gray to dark gray hue. There are also individuals, […]

Collared pheasants

This type of pheasants differs from other breeds by the presence on the head of a long and bright tuft. The bird is also adorned with a colorful collar. In this case, […]

Royal Pheasants

The royal pheasant is the largest of all species. Male in length reaches more than two meters. One tail only, not less than one and a half meters. The size of the […]

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