Pervomayskaya breed of chickens

Pervomayskaya breed of chickens

Pervomayskaya breed of chickens

A very popular breed of chickens among the farmers of our country is May Day. They love her for unpretentiousness, good character and high productive ability. The breed was bred in Ukraine in the Kharkov region. And its name was given by the name of the sovkhoz, which became the birthplace of these chickens – “May 1”

Breeders took as a basis three varieties of good chickens – these are the Jurlovski, vinodont, and rodland. By crossing these three rocks in the 40s of the 20th century, a May Day breed was introduced. Since then, it has become widespread in our country and in the CIS

History says that during the war, the chickens of this breed almost ceased to exist. At that time, only 54 animals survived. But still people could save and again revive the breed. To re-breed the May Day hens, the ten most productive laying hens were taken from the remaining 54 individuals, and the best cocks were also selected. There were about 14 of them

And already two years after the end of the war, the number of breeds increased to 180 hens. In 1962, data indicate that the number of livestock has grown to 56 thousand. The May Day chickens were very much on many farms

Description of the breed May Day The chickens have a wide head, small in size on a short neck. The trunk, on the contrary, is elongated, the chest goes forward. The head is decorated with a beautiful and well-developed crest. The back of the breed is powerful, straight. Most often the color of the May Day white

While the mane and tail are decorated with black feathers, which gives the appearance of a special gloss. The legs of the breed are short. This is evidenced by the standard, which is used to select chickens of the May Day breed. The skin is milky in color. The May Day breed has two directions – the production of meat and eggs. The weight of hens is about 2.5 kg, of cocks – 3.3 kg. The breed is valuable for its unpretentiousness, productivity, and also for the fact that layers very well hatch eggs

Eggbreeding of the breed depends on the feed. For a year, chicken May Day can bring a farmer up to 200 eggs. Shade of the shell is brownish. The weight of the egg is 55-60 grams. Another advantage of chickens is that they gain weight very quickly. The breed is not prone to disease. Layers are also in the winter season. Productivity is reduced slightly

All of the above features characterize the breed as highly competitive. Breeding in the subsidiary farm of May Day hens is an advantageous investment. It will quickly bring a good income to the farmer in the case if you raise chickens for eggs, and if you need meat

Features of the content of the May Day

Pervomayskaya breed of chickens

Although the breed and unpretentious, but still have their nuances in the arrangement of the pen for May Day hens. They do not like dampness and drafts. The enclosure itself can be built from materials that are available on the premises. This is a board or a bar. But for the winter it must be insulated. On the floor of the pen, straw is spreading, all openings and windows should be tightly sealed, as there is a high probability that the layers will catch cold, which will greatly reduce their productivity

The food should be in a pen in a free access. It should contain a large amount of protein, as it is necessary for egg production and egg quality. Water is also important. But drinkers should be well fixed, so that the chickens do not overturn them, because this will create moisture. And its May Day chickens do not like. Also in the pen you need to make nests out of straw and roosts

But all these conditions are easy to implement and do not require the farmer a lot of time, and do not need much effort. Which again makes the breed a favorite.

Pervomayskaya breed of chickens