Variety of pears “Williams”

This variety was bred in 1796 in England. Now, Williams pears are grown in many regions of Russia. In addition, trees are found in gardens in the territory of Ukraine, Georgia, Uzbekistan, […]

Variety of pear-shaped

Pear along with apple and cherry is one of the most popular trees on home gardens in our country. As a rule, most residents choose the usual varieties, but there are also […]

Variety of pears “Forest Beauty”

For the first time the Forest Beauty was found by Chatillon in the Belgian forests. This happened in the XIX century. Nowadays, these pears are grown in the gardens of Belarus, Ukraine, […]

Variety of pear “Veles”

As a result of crossing the “Forest Beauty” and “Venus” received the autumn variety pear “Veles”. The density of the tree crown is medium, pyramidal. Brown shoots are of medium size. The […]

Variety of pears “Ljubimitsa Klappa”

The Clump’s favorite was obtained in America. He was taken out with the help of the seeds of the Forest Beauty. It is believed that this is a summer pear variety Trees […]

Variety of pears “Lada”

If apples can be found, practically, in any fruit farm, the pears are grown, mainly in warm areas. If a pear comes in, say, in the gardens of Siberia, then it is […]

Pear variety “Yakovlevskaya”

One of the most common winter varieties of pears is the variety “Yakovlevskaya”. The name came from the name of its creator. Uneasy climatic conditions and a significant drop in temperature have […]

Variety of pears “In memory of Yakovlev”

Pears along with apples are some of the most popular fruit trees in orchards. These wonderful fruits have different varieties, excellent taste qualities. Pears are used for eating fresh, for making compotes, […]

Variety of pears “Cure”

Pear is one of the most ancient fruit trees. Varieties of pears are a great many, one of them is the variety Cure or another name Williams winter The emergence of the […]

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