Peach sort “Inzhirny”

Peach sort “Inzhirny”

This variety has several kinds. Therefore, they may differ slightly in their forms. Maturation also occurs at different times, depending on the variety of peach. But the taste of all excellent

The positive factor of this variety is that it tolerates frosts very well. A peachy peach is much hardier than an ordinary peach and nectarine. Neither buds nor buds of frost are afraid. A bone is not big, so it’s a plus too. The tree blooms later than normal varieties, so the fruit is ready for consumption only by the middle of August

Peach sort Inzhirny

The crockery of this variety is not very good, but for transportation they are convenient in that it is better to fold them. The fruit itself of a peachy peach is small, only three to seven centimeters. And its weight reaches one hundred grams. The top of the peach is flat and pressed inward. And the dividing strip is deep, more than that of an ordinary variety

His skin is slightly velvety dense. The color range is varied: there are yellow, greenish, crimson and others. Inside the pulp is light and juicy. The taste is more spicy but flavorful

Characteristics of the fruit Peach figs are rich in various trace elements. The protein is contained in a minimal amount, fat is not observed at all. But there are carbohydrates of useful properties and dietary fiber. Vitamins, which are in the pulp: beta-carotene, C, E, K, H and five vitamins B

Of the macronutrients there are a lot of potassium, phosphorus, sodium, calcium, sulfur and chlorine. From trace elements are present copper, chrome, iodine and manganese. In the peach there is pectin, organic acids: apple, lemon and other

Also, the fruit bones have useful properties. Since their composition includes glycoside amygdalin or vitamin B17. Although not everyone agrees with his benefit. Although experts say that this fetus has the properties of an anti-cancer effect: it removes pain, kills cancer cells, improves metabolism. But it has a high toxicity

Therefore, you can not eat a lot of peach seeds. Since it can be dangerous for human health and life, especially if it suffers from allergic diseases

Peach sort Inzhirny

Planting seedlings If your site has grapes, then the peach fig tree will grow well. The main thing do not forget that this variety loves the sunny side and is afraid of drafts. Therefore, planting a seedling is necessary in a place that is light and not purged. Do not plant it in low waterlogged places. Large trees should not obscure sunlight. Since buds and kidneys will be poorly formed

A spicy peach can easily become infected with verticillium if it is planted in a place where melons, alfalfa and strawberry grow. It will take three years to avoid infection

Groundwater reservoirs must be at least three meters from the surface of the earth. But not in all regions of Russia can grow such varieties of trees.

Peach and its benefits

But the pulp of the peach does not cause an allergy almost never. Therefore, there are both adults and children. If you take a peach, you can improve the activity of the intestine. Flatulence can disappear. And the immune system becomes stronger. It also helps in maintaining the weight of a person. After all, the calorie content of this fruit is low, only 36 kilocalories per hundred grams. Just this one peach

If a person is inclined to a depressive state, then he must introduce this fruit into his diet. And irritability will quickly come down. The work of the heart and liver is getting better

Even pregnant women tolerate their condition more easily, because they relieve nausea. Little children can try this tasty and useful fruit already from ten months on.

Peach sort “Inzhirny”