North Caucasian white turkeys

North Caucasian white turkeys

North Caucasian white turkeys

White turkeys are very popular with poultry farmers. The owners like to breed “blondes”, since their skin is pleasant pinkish color, and the carcass can boast an attractive commercial appearance

One of such breeds is the North Caucasian white turkey. Soviet breeders withdrew it in 1964, crossing the North Caucasian bronze and white broad-chested. And officially approved the breed 11 years later – in 1975

The birthplace of this turkey is Stavropol, where the first experimental chicks were born in the zone experimental station

North Caucasian white turkey in many ways similar to the North Caucasian bronze, but the view is much more attractive due to the color of the plumage. The trunk is elongated, although the bird does not give the impression of a skinny. Chest wide, convex, pectoral muscles well developed; skin light, beak and legs (by the way, quite long) – yellowish-pink, and plumage – white as snow! Reproductive qualities of this breed are not very high. Only in 60-65% of the eggs hatch nestlings. And only 80-85% of newborns can survive

The turkeys of the North Caucasian white breed grow very fast and mature, using an average of 3 kg of feed per 1 kg of live weight gain. Already at the age of 4 months they weigh from 3.5 to 4.8 kg, and sexually mature at 8 months (32-34 weeks). From 28 weeks the young are ready for slaughter

Birds that managed to survive in the future are distinguished by high viability and unpretentiousness. They are not very susceptible to disease and are not very moody in eating. They are best adapted to living in the southern regions of Russia, where climatic conditions are close to the conditions of their homeland

The adult turkey turkey of the North Caucasian white recruits an average body weight of 11-12 kilograms, and the females are tightened by 6.5-7 kg

Their egg-laying is relatively low. For a year the turkey lays about 90 eggs, although some record-holders sometimes bring up to 180 pieces. Weigh an egg of North Caucasian white turkey about 80 grams

This breed of birds is bred mainly for the purpose of obtaining meat, which is of the highest quality. Particularly appreciated is the white meat of the brisket, which in the carcass of the North Caucasian white (with wide breasts) as much as 25%

Already after 10 years after breeding, in 74, the number of turkeys of this breed numbered 42 thousand individuals. Most of the North Caucasian whites were bred in the southern regions of the Soviet Union (Uzbekistan, the North Caucasus, the Krasnodar Territory, the south of Ukraine, Moldavia, etc.). These regions, as well as some other southern countries of near abroad, still remain record holders for their breeding. True, in recent years the number of representatives of the breed has significantly decreased. By 1985, the number of the North Caucasian white turkey numbered about 25,000 birds, and today it does not reach the figure of 20 thousand

Such a sharp reduction in the population is a simple explanation. A few years after the breeding of this breed, other, more productive in all respects, species of white broad-chested turkeys were eaten out and introduced

By the way, on the basis of the North Caucasian white, six species of the breed were later created, which differ from one another in terms of fertility, the live weight of turkeys and adults, and the exteriors

Today the withdrawn lines are kept by the employees of the North-Caucasian Selection Zonal Station and are a reserve for the withdrawal of new industrial crosses. The genetic characteristics of birds are retained by the method of selecting turkeys with the most characteristic external data and productivity indicators.

North Caucasian white turkeys