North Caucasian breed of pigs

North Caucasian breed of pigs

North Caucasian breed of pigs

This breed was created in the south – in the Krasnodar Territory and the Rostov region. It is a product of successive crossbreeding of local pigs with large white breeds. Thus, the new North Caucasian breed received a good mass and excellent adaptive qualities

Advantages of the North Caucasian breed. Despite the fact that the breed was excreted in a fairly warm climate, these pigs can withstand temperature fluctuations and harsh conditions. This allows them to keep up with growth during the cold, and also, to keep the maximum number of young animals. This is due to the thick stubble and winter undercoat, which perfectly warms the animals in cold weather

Also, these pigs are well adapted for pasture maintenance and maintenance all year round in semi-open bases. This fact allows to save considerably on a forage and the maintenance that does cultivation of this breed quite favorable

Not all breeds of pigs can excel in good maternal qualities of females, but this breed has such a plus. Females are very attentive to their own children, do not give up and feed well. Fecundity is also quite high – 10-11 cubs per litter

In addition, this breed is highly resistant to various diseases, which is very important nowadays. Having good immunity, pigs rarely get sick and bring healthy offspring

And, of course, the most important indicator is the early ripeness of the North Caucasian breed. From the first days the kids start actively gaining weight, which allows them to reach 100-120 kilograms by the half-year of life. Adult Boar males weigh up to 350 kilograms, and sows – up to 250. This figure is high enough that draws attention to the breed among a number of farmers

The maintenance and feeding of pigs of the North Caucasian breed. As already mentioned, this breed is rather unpretentious to the content. It easily tolerates not only temperature changes, but also other possible weather troubles. However, there is no need to risk and organize comfortable conditions for animals

There are no special requirements for bases for North Caucasian pigs, it is enough to maintain cleanliness in the room and regularly air it

Forage for cultivation of the North Caucasian breed is used different. These pigs are quite unpretentious in choosing food, which allows them to feed them with what is most beneficial in a particular region. Do not forget about the diversity of the diet, which should include not only cereals, but juicy

What is the North Caucasian breed used for? Initially, the breed was excreted not only as meat, but also as greasy. In fact, the fat content in these pigs is quite good, and the meat, respectively, is juicy and fatty. If such excess is not interesting to the farmer, then it is worth paying attention to two subspecies of the breed: Don and Rostov. In these pigs, the fat content is lower, and the fat content of meat is lower by 2-4%

In addition, the breed is actively used for breeding young animals and breeding new breeds.

North Caucasian breed of pigs