Mirgorodskaya breed of pigs

Mirgorodskaya breed of pigs

Mirgorodskaya breed of pigs

The Mirgorod breed began its history back in 1940 in the Poltava region. Then she was recognized as independent. The breed has a meat and meat purpose. The breed is distinguished by mottled black coloring of animals

Advantages of Mirgorodskaya breed. The main advantage of the Mirgorod pig is a good fat. It is this fat is considered a kind of standard, because it has an ideal thickness of 4.5-5 centimeters, and a fine delicate taste. The fat of Mirgorod pigs has a lot of admirers, and every autumn in Mirgorod a meat festival is held dedicated to this breed

In addition to this ability, the Mirgorod pig has perfectly developed adaptive qualities that allow it to feel comfortable in the climatic regions of any corner of Ukraine, including, it is perfectly adapted to the forest-steppe

In addition, this breed adapts well to pasture content, which is convenient for farmers

On early maturity the breed does not lag behind the leading European breeds, however the live weight of adult animals is much lower – the boar weighs up to 250 kilograms, and the sow is up to 220. And, unlike the first-class sebaceous indicators, the meat qualities of the breed are not considered very good. However, breeders continue to improve the breed, pouring the animals blood of Landrace and white pigs

In addition, the Myrhorodian pigs are quite prolific. For one grown up the female brings 10-11 cubs. Milk average – up to 55 kg

Feeding and maintenance. As already mentioned, the pigs of this breed adapt well enough to various conditions, including fodder. They perfectly perceive bulk fodder, especially potatoes. Such a feature of the breed, allows farmers to produce lower feed costs, which makes the content more cost-effective. However, it is not worth completely abandoning cereals, this can affect the animal’s weight and quality of meat

There are no special features of the content of Mirgorod swine. They have a fairly spacious paddock and an enclosed space during the cold season. Also, it’s worth keeping an eye on the cleanliness of the base, making regular cleaning and airing the room. The container with water should be washed regularly, especially in piglets up to 6 months

Application of the breed. The main direction in which the breed is used is the production of fat. Demand for this product in the territory of Ukraine is quite high, because it is the pigs of Mirgorod breed that begin to save fat from a fairly small age. Due to this, the interlayer of fat turns out to be an ideal thickness. Proceeding from such a demand, a lot of Ukrainian farmers are producing Mirgorod piglets. In addition to demand, they are fairly simple in content and feeding, which is beneficial for farming activities

In the meat industry, the meat of the Mirgorod pig is used for making sausages and canned food. Fresh meat does not enjoy such a demand, because it is inferior in taste qualities

Also, the breed is actively used for breeding new, more meat subspecies.

Mirgorodskaya breed of pigs