Mezenskaya breed of horses

Mezenskaya breed of horses

Mezensky horses (mesenki) is a Russian kind of horse breed, created by the method of folk selection. The place of appearance, as well as the breeding of this breed, is the eastern-northern part of Arkhangelsk, near the Mezen Basin. As you can understand, it was from this river that this breed of horses got its name. According to historical data, this breed of horses appeared at the beginning of the XVIII century, as a result of the crossing of Baltic, Danish, Dutch horses with local horses.

Mezenskaya breed of horses

Characteristics of the Mezenskaya breed of horses

The constitution from the moment of occurrence of this breed till today at мезенок practically has not changed, the truth, they became rather heavier. The most common features are also a long body, strong and powerful limbs. The hoofs are correctly directed, have a strong horny surface.

The wool is rather stiff and dense, with a thick undercoat, which is a characteristic sign that the breed developed under low temperature conditions. Extensive pastures and spacious horizons also made their positive contribution to the development of endurance of horses of the Mezen breed

The head of the Mezen horse has a skull with a rather large and broad forehead, sharp small ears, low withers. The body of a horse of this breed is characterized by a massive chest, a fairly prominent loin, strong and strong limbs and small hoofs. The average height of the horse is 160 cm, the mare is 1, 50 cm. The most popular color is in the meadow: chestnut, red, brown, black and gray.

Development of mesenok in difficult natural conditions, with low temperatures, high humidity and a high cover of snow has made it possible to acquire this breed of horses such advantages as resistance to various diseases, a long period of life, the ability to maintain body weight in winter, and easy movement along high strata cover of snow.

Mezenskaya breed of horses


Mezencki are very efficient and persistent, fast in driving, unpretentious to the conditions of their maintenance and nutrition, and they are not affected by the heavy natural microclimate. All these qualities make it possible to use Mezenskaya horses in rural, transport and field work all year round. So, in the summer, mesenki are used in works related to hay harvesting and pasture of animals. In winter, for the removal of firewood from the forest and delivery of feed. Mezenck rightfully deserves the title of “workhorse!

Until the 1990s, the Mezen horses were widely popular throughout the northern part of the Arkhangelsk region, but now the number of representatives of this breed is quite small and in accordance with international criteria this breed is assigned a category of critical status. Thus, today there is a risk of complete disappearance of the mezhenok!

Now the tasks of livestock farms and plants in the Arkhangelsk region include the breeding of lines of such generic specimens of horses of the Mezen breed as Orlik, Yakhont, Charge, Razumnik, Lysan, Igrun and Lokon. Of these, three intra-breed types are cultivated in the Mezen breed:

1. Massive type – such mesenkas are characterized by a larger body type,

Than other types of mesenok. The constitution is very muscular and slightly gruff.

2. The average type is the most common mezensky. Characteristic of dry, but enough

Powerful constitution of a harmonious form.

3. Lightweight type – a thin and dry constitution of the body. A distinctive feature

Light weight type is the fastest moving speed.

Thus, for today the main task of the national economy in working with the horses of the Mezen breed is to maintain and increase the thoroughbred horses of the Mezen breed.

Mezenskaya breed of horses