Megrelian goat breed

Megrelian goat breed

Megrelian goat breed

This breed of goats was created by the efforts of the Georgian peasants, or rather Megrelia from where it received the name of its breed

In summer, goats graze on open, pasture high in the mountains, and winter is waited in the valleys at the foot

If your goat lives in the middle band, then as soon as the snow melts, it should be let out to graze. She is very fond of dry meadows, pastures and fields and with great pleasure sows to them. After you harvest in your gardens, release a goat there, you’ll see her thanks, there will be no limit, she will gladly eat the remaining cabbage leaves and other greens. Most goats like greenery, which grows on the fringes of forests, but for cattle and rabbits it is for some reason not suitable. When a young grass appears, goats should be fed with hay and straw, so that they are full. On grazing goats are expelled immediately after the grass dries from the dew, and home is driven in the evening

Color these animals have white or gray, a roan or red hair is stiff consisting of one awn, not long. Representatives of this breed are not small animals at the withers, they reach seventy centimeters. Their body is long. The head is not heavy, oblong with large horns, which have the shape of a saber, which is arched by the intricate Latin letter “S”. Ears of goats are graceful, standing. Animals of this breed have a luxurious beard. The back is flat, not short in the loins, but deep and deep chest. The udder in this breed is very similar to the cone, well formed, resilient. The sacrum is not narrow, slightly lowered, the backbone is generally very strong. The legs have the right stance, sturdy, the hooves are sturdy. There are two types of goats in the breed: a) lowland; b) upland. Representatives of the Nagorno-Karabakh type are more massive in their indicators

Goats of this breed weigh from thirty-eight to forty kilograms, and goats from fifty to fifty-five kilograms. But it is possible to meet individuals of both sexes is much larger the truth is quite rare

Megrelian goats are prolific quite often in queens, there are two goats. One hundred and twenty goats bring one hundred uterus

The milk productivity of this species is quite high, it ranges from three hundred to four hundred kilograms, and with improved feeding it is possible to achieve the milk yield to nine hundred kilograms of milk during the lactation period. Lactation in this breed lasts eight months, and the fat content of milk is just over four percent. Mountain goats have more weight than lowland, but their milk productivity is lower. Milk, which gives goats of this breed, has a pleasant taste from it, it prepares cottage cheese, butter, cheese, cheese

Goats continue to enjoy great success among the inhabitants of Georgia in its various regions, as well as Ossetia, the republics of Transcaucasia and the North Caucasus

This breed is very convenient in the content, it is not whimsical in the choice of feed, it does not require special care, it feeds on the usual food. Steadily tolerates disease

But the breed has a serious minus in its list, goats are very poor at tolerating a low temperature, are hard to acclimatize in the cold climatic zone.

Megrelian goat breed