Meat of ducks

Meat of ducks

Today, at our tables, usually comes the meat of domestic musk ducks. They came to the bird market quite recently. But despite this, very quickly gained popularity. Now, the majority of farms are cultivating precisely the musk breed of ducks.

However, other breeds of ducks, which originated from mallard, do not lose their popularity in private farms. The taste characteristics of meat, as well as the behavior of such breeds of ducks, usually differ slightly from the musk breeds of ducks. However, it is their meat that serves as a source for preparing many delicious recipes with ducklings. An example of dish with ducklings is shown in Fig. 1.

Meat of ducks

Fig.1 Dish dish

After all, the use of duck meat has long been known. And considering some peculiarities and difficulties of growing ducks, their meat does not cease to be valued even today. But this love for ducklings is not accidental, because ducks have many useful properties.

Features of the composition of meat

Duck meat contains a huge number of blood vessels. This is why it is referred to as dark meat varieties. Unlike other kinds of meat of birds, ducklings have more rigid fibers. Due to this, ducklings are useful to people suffering from anemia or various diseases of the nervous system.


Duck meat, like any waterfowl, is very greasy. Since most of this fat is in the skin, removing it, duck meat will become dietary. Fat contains a lot of acids. And they, in turn, are an excellent assistant for the treatment of the cardiovascular system. They also improve brain function, help to cleanse the body.

Meat also consists of many different vitamins, minerals: B vitamins, as well as vitamins K, A, E. It is clear that the daily intake of vitamins can not be obtained by eating one ducklings. However, combining it with other useful products can provide a person with many substances necessary for his life. Because of its fat content, duck meat has a wonderful effect on potency.

Also, duck meat is useful because of the protein it is saturated with. This protein is digested by the body more difficult than egg white. However, duck protein is more saturated with amino acids, which are indispensable for the human body. Duck meat is famous for its high content of vitamin A, which exacerbates eyesight, improves skin.

Meat of ducks

Fig.2 Duck carcass

More balanced nutritional content of useful substances is the meat of broiler duck.

However, despite the advantages of ducklings for the human body, there are a number of shortcomings, because of which people think that the reception of goose meat is prohibited.


The main disadvantage of meat is its fat content. Even removing the skin from carcass caloric content of meat will remain very high. Because of this, ducklings are forbidden to people who are obese or overweight. Also, it is known that fat is the source of cholesterol, which the human body needs. Excess cholesterol can cause problems with blood vessels. The second disadvantage of duck meat is the difficulty of digesting meat by the body and rigidity. Dentin is well absorbed by people who have no problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

People suffering from diseases of the liver and digestive tract are undesirable to use ducklings.

However, in spite of everything, duck meat, prepared according to traditional recipes, will always be a real delicacy on the table. If you cook properly duck meat, the fat, during cooking will flow out of meat. At the same time, it will soak up the whole garnish and give it juiciness and excellent taste. And duck meat will become soft and very tender.

Meat of ducks