Maiden Grapes

Maiden Grapes

Maiden Grapes

Even in ancient times, the landscape design was adorned with girlish grapes. Using such a plant, you can get a hanging garden of extraordinary beauty. Liana was used by the Assyrian queen in the 9th c. BC The lianas were covered with stepped terraces. Everyone knows that with the help of vines it is possible to create living hanging ornaments. Without much effort, you can quickly grow an amazing plant. Girlish grapes multiply at great speed.

During the reproduction of grapes, we use cuttings, cuttings, seeds and root siblings. Carefully place for planting is not necessary. It grows well both on the north and on the south side. If there is a lot of lighting, the color of the leaves may change. Orange color and red of all shades is obtained when the foliage is in the sun. Green foliage is formed when sunlight is not in sufficient quantity. For the girlish grapes the saturation of the sun’s rays will suit, then its coloring will be much more beautiful.

Merits and demerits of the maiden grapes.

Experienced gardeners believe in different ways about growing such a plant. Some say that it will perfectly decorate the facade of a house or building, others argue that vines with a grapevine will only hinder and obscure the attractive appearance of the building and the foundation will rather collapse from the severity of the branches. To avoid flaws, you need to take care in advance to properly plant it.

There are many advantages to such a plant:

– it has a beautiful view, from summer to mid-autumn;

– so sprouting that very tightly adjoins, forming a curtain;

– resistant to Russian frost;

– not forced to grow on the soil;

– can grow on a small piece of land;

– suitable for growth, both solar areas, and inaccessible to light;

– is not afraid of pests and insects;

– grows at a high pace, for the year can grow by 2-3 m;

– in fertilizer it is not necessary, it is enough one time, when planted a plant;

– that the house does not have overheating, rain, dust and wind, and there is no dampness, it is necessary to plant this shrubbery and foliage will become a real protection.

Maiden Grapes

How the girlish grapes multiplies

Usually it reproduces very simply and only cuttings and layers are used. With the help of special planting material, you can decorate the garden, and it will also serve as an excellent dyeing for the summer veranda or gazebo.

Cuttings in the soil

Cuttings for grapes are often cuttings. To do this, it is enough to put them in the soil for rooting. Rooting takes about 1-2 months, with the need to constantly water, and plant cuttings need to be tilted.

Cuttings in water

There is a very simple way to grow grapes: you need to take twigs of the plant, cut in summer or spring, on which there are ripened leaves and put in a container of water. Water should not be too cold, but at room temperature.

Usually cut the stem obliquely, deviating from the layout of the leaf a few centimeters. In a fairly short time, tiny little roots will appear. In rare cases it happens that you can not get the root system, but do not despair, you can repeat it again. A sprayer can spray young leaves, the plant will begin to grow faster.

Reproduction with the help of a selection

In order to make the reproduction in this way, it is sufficient to lower the annual or biennial branches to the soil and fix it in the spring. For better fixing, you can use a wire that has a diameter of 3 mm, and also sprinkle with soil.

We must not forget that regular watering has a favorable effect on plant growth. The next spring grapes are transplanted, for this you need to dig a new plant and transplant it to another place.

Maiden Grapes