Locai breed of horses

Locai breed of horses

Locai breed of horses

The native land of the locai breed is sunny Tajikistan. It appeared 3 centuries ago, in the XVII century from the usual, strong and enduring mountain ponies, which were brought by Uzbeks-lokaytsy. And then for many years a set of measures was carried out to improve the horses of the Lokay breed by the method of breeding with the Arab, Karabaire and Yomud breeds of horses. To date, horses of the Lokay breed are very common throughout Tajikistan.

Characteristics of horses of the Lokay breed

The growth of the Loka horses can reach 143 cm, the elongated and broad constitution of the body, a strong chest, rather short and thin limbs of a saber-shaped form are characteristic features. Also this breed has a pronounced tendon apparatus and a low withers. The head of the Lokay horses is light enough, with a prominent hump in the nose, but the profile is straight, and the forehead is quite massive, the neck is small in size. Representatives of this breed are characterized by the size of the form. The hair coat of the standard Lokay horses is quite rare. The characteristic color of the Lokay horses is absent and can be completely different, but the most common are brown, light brown and ashy. Moreover, the wool has a beautiful golden luster.

This breed is very unpretentious to its content, they can be seen all year round in herds in the pastures of Tajikistan. Horses are very quick and have a lively and brisk temper, but they are very prudent on mountain roads, far away, but are submissive with the owner.

There are 2 types of horses of the Lokay breed:

1. Mounted and packed lokay breed – has a lighter physique, unlike the standard one;

2. Korlyukskaya – bred only by the Korlyuk tribe.

Also in the local breed of horses there is presently a new line called “Curled Horses”. At the moment, 99 individuals are grown in this line, among them 8 stallions and 91 mare, they differ from the standard Lanka horses in that their wool is of a higher quality, curly, stiff and dense.

Therefore, today, further work on crossing in the new line is being conducted to increase the number of head-ends, to improve the quality of typical characteristics, and fix the curly-type wool. To achieve these goals, it is planned to select the best representatives of the breed of the new line in one cattle-breeding farm and to conduct a strict selection for the subsequent allocation of the most dominant features and transfer them to the next generations in individual breeding groups. For these purposes, representatives of the new line of Loki horses will be provided with optimal conditions for their maintenance.


The locai breed of horses is good both under the saddle and under the pack. These horses can boast of enormous strength, efficiency and diligence. Indispensable locai stallions and in sports national games.

In addition to the fact that the horses of the Lokay breed are of great value as a mount-pack animal for the mountain regions of Tajikistan, they are also widely used for equipping the Red cavalry with horses. In the military units of Tajikistan, the horses of the Lokay breed are beautiful military cavalry horses and indispensable pack animals for transport and artillery in mountainous conditions.

Further increase in the number of these horses with a curly hair type will also have a positive effect on the development of the fur industry, because their skins can be used for sewing various fur products, and they can also be exported to other countries.

The state pedigree book is entered on the horses of the locai breed, in which the best representatives of it are brought. As a tribal species, the Lokayan horse is of high importance only in Tajikistan.

Locai breed of horses