Livenskaya breed of pigs

Livenskaya breed of pigs

Livenskaya breed of pigs

The breed began its full-fledged existence since 1949. It was developed as a universal one. And in 1953, a livestock specialist who brought her out, was awarded the Stalin Prize of the third degree

Advantages of the breed. The main advantage of the breed is the high quality of meat and fat. Indeed, the pig meat of this breed has an excellent taste, it is tender and juicy. Salo also have a taste for many connoisseurs of this product

Livenskie pigs are quite early. Weights in 100 kg, piglets reach already to 6 months of a life. The adult boar weighs 300-310 kg, and the sow 240. These indices are very good, given that the breed perfectly adapts to grazing conditions

Fecundity of the breed is average – 10-11 piglets per gutted. However, the young pigs of the Livenskaya breed have a great advantage over other breeds – they have excellent fattening qualities. Also, the young are quite enduring, which is explained by high safety

Also, the Livonian pigs are distinguished by a calm and peaceful nature. They are not aggressive, do not tend to eat young and undermine the floor in the bases. Due to these qualities, many farmers breed this breed

It should be noted that this breed adapts well enough not only to climatic conditions, but also to the stern. Quickly these animals get used to pasture maintenance

Feeding and maintenance. With all their endurance qualities, Livonian pigs do not require special care and maintenance. They will perfectly feel even in the simplest base. For the cold season, it is necessary to provide a closed room, which will protect animals from hypothermia and dampness

As for the gastronomic needs of this breed, they are very diverse. Pigs enjoy eating various voluminous fodder, potatoes and chaff. This quality allows farmers to significantly reduce feed costs and make the business more cost-effective

In the warm season, it is worthwhile to closely monitor the presence of water in animals and the purity of the vessels for feeding and drinking. Especially important is the cleanliness of dishes for young animals, because at the age of up to 6 months, piglets are highly susceptible to gastrointestinal diseases. Often, it is not in time eaten food or dirty dishes, become the causes of diseases

Where is the breed used. Due to its versatility, the Livonian breed is widely used to produce first-class meat and fat. These products, which have excellent taste, are in good demand, which allows farmers in the Central regions of our country to actively use the breed in subsidiary and farming facilities

Also, due to the good fertility and stamina of the young, many use the breed to produce pedigree pigs that are in demand. The implementation of pedigree youngsters is a very relevant business today in the territory of the Russian Federation and neighboring countries.

Livenskaya breed of pigs