Lindovsky breed of geese

Lindovsky breed of geese

Lindovsky breed of geese

Poultry has always been a decoration table in every family. Chicken and goose are especially appreciated. In this case, geese are larger birds in size, and are needed not only for the preparation of delicious dishes, but for down and cosmetic production. The breed of geese is quite a lot, and poultry producers, trying to compete with other producers, resort to experiments. Lindovsky breed of geese is popular in Russia. It was bred by crossing Chinese waterfowl geese with Russian breed. Genus Linda geese from the Nizhny Novgorod region. This bird is unpretentious to change the weather, can suffer frosts and feels fine in the unheated gusyatnik. The main thing, so as not to pass a draft. Good poultry content depends on the availability of a walk with running water. This will allow the bird to eat properly, and receive all the useful substances. Lindos geese can exist on their own as ordinary birds, therefore for farmers this breed of geese is the most acceptable.

External characteristics

– Average head

– The color is white.

– Beak and paws of light orange color.

– Neck of medium length.

– Torso is large and long.

Advantages of Lindsay geese

1. Rapid development of the individual. Within 2 months, ordinary geese can gain weight up to 4 kg, while they show a record weight. Lindovsky geese develop much faster, proper feeding will give good results. By 7 months, the Lindos goose can weigh more than 7 kg. A very profitable business for poultry farmers, therefore, almost 30% of the Lindsian geese can be observed on the farm.

2. The quality of meat. The consumer market is interested in buying Linda meat. Pleasant taste, delicate aroma, and softness give Lind’s meat a great purchasing power.

3. Resistance to cold and hot season. Due to its “Russian” nature, the breed of Linda geese can withstand any temperature changes. In this case, it is necessary to monitor the tightness of the gyrosatel, and the bird will be in comfortable conditions.

4. Agreed character. Lindov birds are not conflict, quietly move around the yard without creating noise. For geese, an important place is a cozy place under the sun’s rays and near the reservoir.

5. High oviposition. Lindovsky geese are active layers, due to their perseverance and calm. In its bird, a bird can bring a farmer up to 65 eggs per year. One egg weighs about 200 grams.

6. Low mortality of young geese. For breeding geese with the help of incubation devices, the Linden breed is best suited. The basis of this perspective is high fertility. 95% of cases showed that the chicks appear healthy and stable. By the beginning of the second week of the small geese begin to feed, this is another aspect of the successful development of the offspring of the Lindau breed.

The main points of feeding the Lindau breed

The bird of the Lindh family is omnivorous. A special diet is needed. Experiments are already beginning here with increasing body weight of the bird, improving the quality of meat. Feed types:

– Greens and dry food.

– Root crop.

– Chicken complex food is an effective variant of food for Linda geese. It is determined by its tenderness, for the organism of chicks it is very important not to damage the stomach.

Lindovsky breed of geese

The facts show that the Linden goose down does not lose its properties, even when the bird reaches the age of 3 years. There was no decrease in the development of geese after the onset of molting. This breed is a large and neutral variant for breeding in large quantities.

Lindovsky breed of geese