Kuchinskaya jubilee breed of chickens

Kuchinskaya jubilee breed of chickens

Kuchinskaya jubilee breed of chickens

The breed is bred in the Moscow region. Her breeders brought her out at the plant, whose name is Kuchinsky. Actually, that’s why the breed got its name. Meats and eggs were used for crossing. Many farmers who decided to start breeding poultry, start with the Kuchin hens. The breed has an excellent pedigree, because it is based on the ancestors of foreign chickens

Breed description

Kuchinskaya jubilee breed of chickens

The feathers of this species can be different: old, motley, golden. As a rule, plumage is calico with golden tint. Tortured under the feathers

The carcass has a light skin tone. Rooster breeds have predominantly a reddish tone in the plumage, which comes from above, mixing with a green tint and a blue-black tail. On the wings is a strip, which has a black color, leaving in green

The appearance of the breed distinguishes hens with a heavy, powerful skeleton. The breast is forward, the body is elongated, the back has a horizontal line. This physique gives the appearance of the chickens a special pride. The head of a small chicken, the comb on it is red, the same color and earlobes

The beak is thick, elongated. Eyes large, reddish-yellow in color. The legs of the chickens have a small height, but they are very powerful. Their color is yellow, turning into brown

The “live” mass of the Kuchinsky jubilee breed

Kuchinskaya jubilee breed of chickens

Chickens of the breed reach a weight of about 2.5-3 kg, roosters of the Kuchin weigh about 4 kg. There are also standards on which farmers should focus, whose activities are aimed at breeding this breed.

At the age of 20 weeks – young males should weigh about 2.5 kg, laying hens – 2 kg.

At the age of 52 weeks – young males already gain weight in 3.5 kg, layers – 2.6-2.7 kg.

Productivity of the breed Kuchin Jubilee The breed is considered to be one of the best in our country. Chickens perfectly withstand all the weather adversity. In addition, they behave calmly and proudly. This is their distinctive feature. But with this external calm, does not mean that the breed is shy. It so happens that the rooster warriors peck to death, the attacking rodents

If we talk about egg production, the Kuchin hens begin to bring the owner results in the form of eggs at the age of six months. They stop to sweep for a while, while they have a moult. By the time it’s about 2 weeks once a year

Nesushki not only rushes constantly, but also absolutely unpretentious. They do not need special warm conditions. Their eggs they can carry and at the lowest temperatures in the henhouse – about 3 degrees

An important point in breeding is that during the withdrawal, farmers do not leave a large number of cocks. The optimal ratio of males and females is one cock per 12-13 laying hens

What do Kuchinskaya jubilee cooks feed? The breed likes very greens. Therefore, regardless of the season, farmers try to pamper their chickens with such a delicacy. The main food should be rich in protein and minerals too, vitamins are needed for birds. And, of course, the chickens need grain and feed

The content of the Kuchinskaya chicken does not require hard labor from a person. All they need is good food and a common chicken coop. It can be made of wood, where the floor will be covered with straw. The only point to pay attention to is the presence of ventilation

As for feeders, it is sufficient to install several boxes with food around the perimeter of the room. You can also make nests from straw. All this is simple and does not require the expenditure of time and effort

Kuchinskaya is considered to be one of the best. What all the above information says.

Kuchinskaya jubilee breed of chickens