Kuban breed of geese

Kuban breed of geese

Kuban breed of geese

The origin of the Kuban breed of geese originates in the city of Kuban. This species of domestic birds was obtained by crossing wild Chinese and Kholmogory geese.


– Large goose head size.

– The gooseneck is thin and flexible.

– Egg-shaped torso, on which a deep chest is expressed.

– Black-brown plumage.

– Paws of medium size

– The presence of a light brown line, which runs along the goose torso over the head and neck.

Qualitative characteristics of the Kuban geese .

1. Quality goose meat. At the age of 2 months, geese of the Kuban breed can get delicious meat. The layer of muscle tissue at the same time is 36% of the total mass, subcutaneous fat deposits 16%, goose fat – 6%. Goose fat contains valuable substances useful to humans. The difference between goose fat is high viscosity.

2. Growth and development. The maturity of geese is between 230 and 300 weeks. The maintenance of geese of this breed should occur separately from others. This bird has an excellent egg production.

Features of feeding Kuban geese .

The daily diet of Kuban birds necessarily includes the presence of green and juicy feed (2 kg). This bird prefers only high-quality feed, so it will refuse the millet, which contains the vizionin. The substance harms the body of the Kuban geese. They consume only young cultures. This process can be ensured by grazing the Kuban geese on special pastures. Types of green crops: clover, alfalfa, dandelion and yarrow.

Arrangement of poultry house.

Equipment facilities for the Kuban geese are accounted for by high gas exchange in the poultry. This breed is sensitive to the lack of oxygen intake. Therefore, the gyrosatnik is equipped with the necessary ventilation system. Litter on the floor of the poultry house should be in a dry and clean condition, this will prevent the occurrence of diseases in the bird. In the spring and autumn period the litter changes, the room is lime with lime. There is a cleaning of containers for drinking and food. Chemical substances when washing goose capacity are prohibited. Therefore, conventional baking soda is added to the hot water. Spaciousness and comfort are the main characteristics for the Kuban breeder. Kuban birds are characterized by high egg production. Usually the female produces up to 85 eggs per year. The live weight of an adult goose is 6 kg, at the goose – 5 kg A distinctive feature of geese of the Kuban breed is good sight. The foresight is determined by 8 meters.

Use of geese of the Kuban breed.

For Kuban geese is characterized by the presence of durable plumage and down. The operation of the Kuban fluff is 25 years. Despite this feathering and fluff have a low hygroscopicity and thermal conductivity. Kuban population usually focus on goose meat, liver and fat. Due to its taste, the products are in great demand. Poultry farmers specially feed the geese with grass and juicy fodders to remove the protein substance.

Kuban breed of geese

Expenses for breeding Kuban breed of geese.

The withdrawal of poultry is a profitable and cost-effective activity. Experienced farmer understands that without additional costs breeding Kuban geese is impossible. Steps for successful poultry farming:

1. Rent an infield.

2. Equipment of the room.

3. Purchase of feed.

4. Provision of birds with necessary conditions (drinking bowl, feeding bowl, sockets).

5. Control by oviposition.

General breeding indicators of the Kuban breed of geese account for 80% of the payback of personal expenses. Kuban meat and liver are the main products in the poultry market. Correct approach to activities leads to profitability and prosperity.

Kuban breed of geese