Kazakh white-headed breed of cows

Kazakh white-headed breed of cows

Kazakh white headed breed of cows

Kazakh white-headed breed of cows appeared in the 30s of the XX century as a result of work on crossing bulls-producers of Hereford breed with Kazakh and Kalmyk breeds of cows. The birthplace of this breed is Kazakhstan and the southeast of Russia with a sharply continental climate peculiar to this territory. The main task of breeders was to breed the breed with high quality beef and good milk yield. As a result of the work done, a breed was developed that combined the high quality of meat products inherent in Hereford and the fine bone system of native cattle breeds

Important in the process of breeding Kazakh white-headed cows was the technology of growing young animals, which consisted in the fact that fattening used the so-called suckling method. In addition, not the least role was played by the fact that in the summer the animals were constantly on pastures, and in winter, mostly forage and silage were used for feeding them. Kazakh white-headed cows excellently tolerate high temperatures and cold, and also quickly gain weight

Representatives of Kazakh breed of cows have predominantly red or cherry-colored hair. In the region of the head, neck and legs, the color is lighter, sometimes white. The growth of animals can reach 125 cm. They are distinguished by a medium-sized head with long, forward-facing and upward horns of light shade. The neck is not long and thick. Like other representatives of beef breeds of cows, white-headed Kazakh cows have a not very long and broad body (150-155 cm in length) with an even back and slightly raised sacrum. The muscular system of cows is well developed, with a strong skeleton. The ribs are widely spaced and the joints are firm. The udders of this breed have a small, medium-sized nipple

The weight of heifers at birth varies between 24-26 kg, and the weight of bull-calves is 29-31 kg, when fed by suckling, and by the age of eight months the mass of animals is increased 10 times and is 240-250 kg. for gobies, 210-230 kg. for the bullies. Adult cows weigh on average 540 kg, bulls – 930 kg. but there are cases when the mass of cows reaches 1000 kg. Kazakh white-headed cows have all the qualities inherent in cows of meat direction. With proper cultivation, the weight gain of animals is 950-1000 grams per day. At the age of one and a half years live weight of bull-calves can reach 480 kg. Bones make up only 14% of the total body weight of the animal. The meat is juicy, with a wonderful taste

Kazakh white-headed breed of cows accounts for about 1% of the total number of meat cows bred in the Russian Federation. On the resistance to tuberculosis and brucellosis, as well as on the unpretentiousness in nutrition, this breed surpasses Hereford and Charoleses

At the moment this breed of cows is bred in the tribes of Western Kazakhstan, the Orenburg and Saratov regions of Russia, as well as in Buryatia and the Republic of Bashkortostan.

Kazakh white-headed breed of cows